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Get your flu shot!

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 7:19 pm on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For those of you who havent heard the recent news reports, Influenza is nasty this year and wreaking havoc in many states, including my own.  In fact Boston declared a state of emergency after 18 people have died…yes DIED from the flu.

Each year about 30,000 people die from influenza.  In hard hit years, it can reach almost 60,000.  Flu isn’t to be trifled with, people.  AND because of the fact that the flu that is hitting the US right now IS the strain that is in the vaccine, you can bet that all those people could have been protected IF THEY GOT THEIR FLU SHOT.

No, its not too late.

Unfortunately we in profession see a vicious cycle with flu shots:  First, we see a bad year for flu and then the next year everybody gets their shot because they saw how bad it was..or they got the flu themselves…then the rates of vaccines drop after a year or so because the flu outbreak is mild ( because everbody got the shot…duh!), then when vaccination rates are poor, we see an out break of flu …and the cycle starts again.

Get your shot…if the pharmacy still has vaccine!


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Comment by LibraryGryffon

January 10, 2013 @ 8:11 am

The one year I couldn’t get a flu shot (’00-’01; I got them at the local military base, and they only had enough that year for active duty), I did get the flu, and had it progress to pneumonia with pleurisy. It is not an experience I ever want to go through again. I was out of commission for well over a month, and that was starting out relatively healthy and only in my late 30’s.

I remember an ad for an OTC med some years back with some snuffling woman on her way to work standing on a street corner under an umbrella in the rain and announcing “I’ve got the flu and I feel miserable”. For years I would shout at the screen “You don’t have the flu! You’re standing up!”. I think part of the problem is that so many people associate “flu” with just a “really bad cold”.

I work at a hospital (not in patient care), and I get my shot every year as soon as they start offering them. I can not understand health care workers who refuse shots for any other reason than being allergic to ingredients in the shot itself.

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