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Customer:  My Dr said he called in a prescription for me today.

Me: ( looking up said customer on the computer)  Mmmm. I dont see one finished for you. Let me check elsewhere. ( check fax, answering machine, stack of faxes at the computer and look at list of e-scripts…nothing).. Well, I looked at all of our incoming and pending prescriptions, and there isn’t anything here for you.

Customer:  does that mean its not ready?


customer:  My doctor said he sent a prescription over for me today.

Me: ( getting his name..looked it up..last rx was in november).  Nope, I dont see anything since November of 2011…but we havent completed all of our pending stuff. let me check the pile of unfilled prescriptions….( and dont find it).  Sorry, I dont have a prescription for Kevin Bumblebutt pending.

Customer:  I saw him send it over the computer.

Me:  nothing has arrived for you…( my other pharmacist comes back from lunch, so I ask him..” Man Friday? did you get a script today for Kevin Bumblebutt?”..yea got one for Bumblebutt, but not for Kevin..some other first name, and not on file here”)

customer hears this as Friday pulls script from  the unknown patient box..Edmund Bumblebutt and date of birth different by one no match in our computer

Me:  we have one for Edmund Bumblebutt  dob 1-1-43

customer: Thats me.  but I never go by Edmund.  I go by Kevin…and the date of birth is wrong..I am born in 42, not 43.

Me: ok, we will get this ready then but you will be Edmund at this pharmacy since that is how Dr is sending scripts over for you..

Customer: you mean its not ready then?


Customer:  My dr told me he sent a prescription over for me today.

Me:  hello, Yes he did and I left you a message about 2 hours ago.   We do not have this product in stock, we have to order it for tomorrow. Will be here by noon.

customer: So, its not ready?


Comment by dr-lasermed

January 24, 2012 @ 7:57 am

We have to have you sign for that before we can send copies to anyone – it’s that HIPAA law.
“You mean it’s not ready?”

It takes more than 5 minutes to copy a chart that is as thick as two dictionaries.
“You mean it’s not ready?”

We get them in the office, too.

Nice to hear that the pharmacies have the same sorts of issues. Love your blog.THANKS!!

Comment by JS

January 24, 2012 @ 8:31 am

Recently overheard @ my local pharmacy making the timing of this POST, ironically perfect! I was the next customer in line but standing @ the assigned spot, I like to call the “Privacy line!” This happened on a weekday morning.

Customer: My doctor called in a script while I was sitting in his office and I am here to pick it up, PLEASE?

RPH: Okay, when was that Mr. (insert patient name)?

Customer: (looks down at his watch): Six minutes and 45 seconds ago; his office is just across the street. I can get here really fast.

RPH: Yes, Dr. (insert name) called, and it’s in the pile to be filled and will take about 20 minutes since there are people ahead of you that are waiting in the store!

Customer: But he called it in while I was sitting there and I came right over.

RPH: Yes, that is true. However, it was actually phoned in 8 minutes and 30 seconds ago, not 6 min and 45 seconds, sir (it was obvious the RPH would have enjoyed sticking her fist down his throat @ this point)!

Customer: If he called, and you have the script, why isn’t it ready?

RPH: Because it takes a few minutes to get it off the voicemail. And now that it’s here I can put it at the bottom of the “waiting” pile. So, if you don’t have any other questions I will go get working on that. Please give me 20 minutes.

Customer: But I have already been here for ten minutes, so you mean ten minutes, not twenty, right?

RPH: (ready to BLOW): No sir, 20 minutes from the time I start. And I can’t start until we finish discussing this issue. So, if you will excuse me, I am going to get started. There are a few patients on front of you but just have a seat or perhaps walk around the store for a bit. It’s 10:05 right now, so I will see you @ 10:25.

Customer: Is that 10:25 am or 10:25 pm?

RPH (seriously going to blow a gasket): AM! It’s still morning time, SIR!

Customer: So, it’s not ready yet?

***PC, you have the patience of a saint! In my opinion, I find it easier to teach a class with 32 kindergarten students than to have that type of exchange w/a customer.***thanks JS, Patience, I have discovered is not a divine gift…it is a learned behavior, acquired ONLY when you give something up. ( this could be a blog post all by itself probably). You learn patience when you give up OBSTINANCE to have things your own way. You learn patience when you give up PRE CONCEIVED NOTIONS of how things should be, and You learn patience when you give up INFLEXIBILITY in how you do things. You also learn patience when you abandon the idea that everything is black and white and understand that most of it is a thousand shades of gray. Once you toss these things out, Patience and empathy comes in and replaces those things. Some learn it earlier than others. some never do. I have two techs: both excellent in their own right. One, the younger, learned these things….One, the older refuses. Guess which one gives me the most trouble?

Comment by Nyrph

January 24, 2012 @ 3:49 pm

It is moments like these where I wish a could channel my inner Chris Tucker and scream: “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!!”

Comment by IAPharmer

January 24, 2012 @ 8:12 pm

Pt: “I saw the doctor send it over and I told him PharmyPharmacy”

Me: “Well I don’t have it, the doc probably chose the wrong pharmacy when he/she sent it, or chose the wrong delivery method.”

Pt: “Nope, I saw him/her do it”

Me: “That is nice, I process over 200 new Rxs per day and I have at least 2% that are sent to the wrong pharmacy, or are printed, or are set to be phoned in, or the doctor NEVER put the prescription in (even though you swear you saw the doc put it in).

Then being the nice guy I am I call the doc’s office and get the prescription sent to the correct pharmacy (and then call the wrong pharmacy and have them reverse it so that I can fill it). I then explain this all to you and you STILL bitch at me because it took so long, and the doc’s office is perfect and they could never have made that mistake.

This is not my first day, I have filled over a half million prescriptions, trust me I know what I am talking about, I also know what I am talking about with your insurance, so don’t argue with me about that either, I have years of experience, you did not even read your plan when you signed up!

I don’t understand why it is always my fault? The doc’s office is ALWAYS perfect, they never make mistakes, it must be “you people”. Last week when the doc f’ed up sending something to me I made them call the patient and apologize as the patient was so angry at my counter. Still did not help…I hate stupid people.

Thankfully I have TONS of great patients that make up for the 1% of the buttheads!true story: On monday this lady comes in and wants a rx that the dr “sent over his computer”. we didnt’ have it, and I checked both call lines and the fax. there was nothing there. She leaves and comes in about an hour later asking for the same rx. STILL dont have it. She argues with me that she SAW the dr send it..and I tell her I have NO doubt she SAW the dr send it SOMEWHERE..its just not HERE! I tell her ” have them RE-SEND it to ME.”. she walks off, and returns about a half our later again wanting to know if we got it and when i ask her if she called the office to re send it, she said NO. ( head banging moment)….I tell her to PLEASE contact office the either RE send it or phone it in b/c we are too busy at this time to call the office and do it for her. About an hour later the office finally CALLS me, I ask them where the E-Script was and she said ” oh, I apparently hit PRINT instead of SEND…its been on our printer all day”. WTF…..

Comment by TECHnically Insane

January 24, 2012 @ 8:45 pm

After this month, with these coworkers, and these customers…I am thinking about changing careers!!!!!yea I can appreciate that. This has been a challenging month. Lots more insurance changes this year than in past years, esp in Med-d who got a burr up their butt and decided we needed to change ID numbers and BIN numbers on all Med D people?

Comment by Dan

January 25, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

Have your E1 searches for Medicare D either been really slow or timing out? Trying to figure out if it is our system or Medicare.ours are always sketchy. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t..

Comment by Debbie

January 28, 2012 @ 9:06 am

Gosh PC, you and Grumpy MD must have mutual patients!

I really appreciate your comments on patience. Would make a great blog post. So true.

Comment by Woden

January 28, 2012 @ 8:21 pm

We get the second type all the time at my pharmacy… I swear, it seems like every third customer goes by their middle name here (but gives the insurance their first name, and the doctor’s office a nickname, etc.).

Why can’t they just pick one name and use that for all business purposes? Is it really such a difficult concept?

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