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A couple of weeks ago PC-Ville’s paper reported an article about a new narcotic hoping to hit the market soon.  ZoHydrin,  50mg of pure hydrocodone, with no Acetaminophen to impede its limitations, is currently a SCHEDULE 1 drug according to the DEA.   When I read about this, my first thought was ” Whose friggin stupid idea was this?”, but being the lazy butt that I am right now, I didn’t post about it.   Drug Monkey, however has done a superior job of that today, surpassing anything I would have written on the subject, so I present to you this link:

Happy New year!


Comment by mdb

January 1, 2012 @ 1:23 pm

My god, if this thing gets approved and put out then I can just see the robberies going up again. Of course now we have Soma going to a federally controlled substance starting the 11th of the month. I’ve also heard rumors of consideration of moving vicodin to CII but that one I don’t think will happen any time soon. But the idea of marketing pure hydrocodone is going to just cause a huge uptick in overdoses.

Comment by Jade

January 1, 2012 @ 6:19 pm

My heavens! I thought Drug Monkey was pulling a fast one in coming up with a product only containing 50 mg of hydrocodone. Who’s idea of joke is this, then? Why do we need more ammunition in the drug wars?I wish it was a joke!

Comment by OncoDude

January 1, 2012 @ 6:23 pm

Technically hydrocodone by itself would be a III stand corrected. Either way 50 mg of hc is ludicrous!

Comment by Pharmaciststeve

January 2, 2012 @ 10:12 pm

You people need to get a grip. I routinely see pt in LTC being prescribed HCD/APAP 10/325 every 4 hrs. On a pain relief potential, 50mg of HCD is in the ball park of Morphine 60mg SA.. the new drug is LONG ACTING – at least 12 hrs.
I know that you have seen people on Fentanyl 50 or higher and that is equivalent to 200mg +/- Morphine per 24 hrs.
Morphine & HCD is ~ equal pain management on a mg per mg basis.
You all must believe all that propaganda pushed out by the bureaucrats.. what they don’t tell you is that at least 50% of the drug overdoses are SUICIDES.. but our society’s puritanical roots won’t let them use the word SUICIDE.. of course admitting that half of those overdoses are not accidental would make the numbers less useful in asking for larger funds for fighting the war on drugs.
The numbers that they don’t tell you is that 40K+ ER visits are for APAP overdoses – and 50% are INTENTIONAL (read SUICIDE)… they don’t publish that 16K people die every year from use of NSAID’s.
Alcoholism is finally considered a DISEASE … last time I looked alcohol was considered a DRUG.. but substance abuse is not a “disease”… in case you haven’t been paying attention… Heroin deaths are on the rise… because it is CHEAP.
If you really what to see what all this war on drug crap is doing to legit chronic pain pts… watch this
Our society would rather go after the 3%-5% of the population that will abuse some substances and could care less about the 100+ million chronic pain patients that can’t get adequate therapy because of all the paranoia.
Anyone who has never lived with a chronic pain pt or been a chronic pain pt… are -IMO – arrogantly clueless.

Comment by Jade

January 3, 2012 @ 6:36 pm

Reply to Pharmacist Steve, it’s not an issue of legitimate pain, it’s the fact that it’s so accessible by anyone, prone to prescribing and dispensing errors, and underestimating effects by prescribers. Long-acting drugs are nice for pain control and dependency as an alternative to morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, tapentadol, levorphanol, and a few others now that ineffective propoxyphene is off the market, and dangerous meperidine is on the phase-out. Long-acting hydrocodone (effective for coughs, too?) is another opioid in the armamentarium, but long-acting drugs are a heckuva pain (a lot of work) to detoxify.

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