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It seems quite common now days to use a dollar word when a penny word will do.  Last month I received an email from the office reminding me that I have until a certain date to complete my reverse distribution paperwork. What precisely are you referring to? I thought to myself.  Oh….Yea… Returning my outdates.

The job nobody likes.  Since it was a slow Saturday, I sat down and went thru the grocery bag of drugs…The bottles of XX that I had to order for a “free 30 tabs ” coupon.  I had to order 100.  Care to guess how many went out of date?  the REST.  The box of Axert that the customer only wanted 2 when she found out she had a 50 percent copay..then went on generic Imitrex. 420 ml of Brand Dilaudid liquid.  While I was on vacation, some doofus ordered it for a prescription for 60ml.  I would have found it someplace in this metropolis or sent her packing… 70 Focalin XR 10mg, we used it once about 18 months ago and it outdates November 2011

Bottles and bottles of Brand name medications that went generic over that last 18 months. Nothing kills the sales of a brand than the introduction of a generic.  Fine for the sales of generic but a death sentence for the partial bottle on my shelf.

It drives me a little batty when I process out dates. I can hear the sound of money being flushed down the toilet.  We get 50% credit at best on only SOME of what we return.  The report they send with our credit notice provides the much longer list of the stuff we get nothing for. Im sending back a cost value of $ 5300 this quarter.  I know its not my money..but I feel a certain responsibility for the inventory.  I can practically tell the future when I am forced to order and open some odd ball drug that I just KNOW I will not use again til it outdates.  Most of the time I am right. How do I know this?

Because when I got to work this morning, there sat a prescription for 30 Focalin XR 10mg, and a CII order for it waiting for my signature…not 5 feet away from the sack containing the 70 outdated Focalin  I just scheduled for return.

Pardon the noise, its just my head hitting the wall.

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