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Happy Thanksgiving

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Officially, this is my 25th Thanksgiving as a wife, and my 25th Thanksgiving as a pharmacist.

Its my 48th as a human being, and my 15th at my current pharmacy.

One of my favorite songs in White Christmas is the song Count Your Blessings.  Everybody had blessings, even those in the most dire of circumstances can probably dig deep and find something to be thankful for. Here are some of mine ( in no order other than how they came out of my head)

1.  Mr Chick.  I guess he SHOULD be near the top. He is my life inspiration and my best friend, so without going into boring details, I am grateful for my companion.

2.  My mother.  If you have read me for any amount of time, you know that she died of brain cancer in 1998.   Everything good that I am or hope to be is because of her influence.  My flaws are my own fault and I will give her no blame.

3. my friends.  I have such a strong circle of friends that I have come to love.  For a loner, this is amazing.  Any one of them would drop what they are doing if I had a need  and Visa Versa.

4. My job…yea the one that I fuss about in this blog.  No, its not an easy job.  I would like to walk away from it several times a week and never turn back, but its my chosen career, it pays well,  and I do my best to serve those who come to Pharmacy Chick Pharmacy.  I can’t please them all, but at the end of the day, I know that I   haven’t left anything on the table. Some of you LOVE my posts, some of you “notsomuch”.  I am not perfect…never professed to being perfect.  You can disagree with my feelings about certain subjects, but I write as it pours out of me, partly to entertain YOU and partly as a cathartic for my soul.

5. My country.  I live in the USA.  Proudly tho, thank you very much.  Its not perfect and we tend to meddle in affairs we shouldn’t, but just because I dont agree with the doings of Washington DC, doesn’t mean I dislike my country.  One of the most conflicting truths about living here is that you are FREE TO TELL EVERYBODY YOU WANT HOW MUCH YOU HATE IT..  Try that in a lot of other countries.   Freedom isn’t free.  I don’t take that for granted, but as I see certain freedoms whittled away with each passing year, I fear for my country and what I will lose next.  Since I have travelled far and wide,  I have seen the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich,  I am quite content to be where I am . I have “enough”.  We should all have the gift of  ” enough”.

6. My health.  So far, I have managed to get thru my 48.2 years with all my limbs intact, and I dont live on narcotics….or Ineedzapam.  I fuss with Chronic tendonitis in my arms ( which ache 24-7) and GERD, but I manage quite well for the most part. It may not always be that way.  Tomorrow has its own problems.  I will enjoy today.

7. My spirit.  Suffering from unexplainable depression for so long, its a blessing to have a healthy spirit.  Its hard to explain to the NON-depressed how things can be objectively so good, but emotionally I want to die.  I am in a better place now.  I am very grateful for that. ( and no anti-depressants either anymore)

8. My bosses.  I have 3.  I am thankful for 2 of them .  Approachable and friendly, They are the best of the best.  I am the luckiest pharmacist in the chain to have the store manager that I have.  He is supportive and caring…and never meddles in the things he shouldn’t.  He lets me be a pharmacist and in respectful return, I try to never give him a reason to have to be concerned.  Its worked for over 15 years.

9, My readers.  Some of you I have fostered ” virtual” friendships thru email.  You are awesome.

10, and last but never least…MY LORD, enough said.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!



Comment by Dr. Grumpy

November 23, 2011 @ 7:40 pm

Back at ya, PC! Happy thanksgiving.

Comment by Mr. Bullish

November 23, 2011 @ 10:03 pm

Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on 25 (years in business).

Comment by The Redheaded Pharmacist

November 24, 2011 @ 7:46 am

Happy Thanksgiving PC!

Comment by Jade

November 25, 2011 @ 9:06 am

Thanks for writing this, and congratulations on milestones.

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