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Excuse me while I screw this lid on my personal stash of Valium…( not really)

There is just nothing like the day before a holiday.  Pharmacy chick hates crowds, and for the most part, can successfully avoid them thru careful planning.  I cannot avoid the crowds that hit the pharmacy the days before a holiday….and everybody wants something….from ME.

I speak this universal truth.  If there are 10 of you all wanting something from me at the same time,  There WILL be a #1 and there will be a #10.  Sorry, it just cannot be done in any other way.  I have one set of eyes and ears and they never work independently.   I will queue each and everybody in a fair and orderly  manner, more or less in the general order that I got the work.  Sometimes all Hell breaks loose simultaneously.  Whether of not you believe it, I do have some method to the madness in the pharmacy.  I am an amazing score keeper in this ever-greying head of mine. Her is My take on some of the activities of today:

1.  If you are bloody, broken, or in excruciating pain from an injury you just sustained,  you are #1.  Make your self as comfortable as you possibly can and understand that I got you out of here as soon as I could.  If it took 30 min, its because I had no choice.

2.  If you  have ordered your Oracea and want me to call the loyalty card people because you are SURE it supposed to work (and its not). You are #10….or even 20.  Hardly a blip on my radar.  I just did a print screen and will put you in the ” do it when I have time ” pile.  Yea, I know it reaaaaaly sucks that you want it before the weekend, but I have to move on to some more pressing matters, like the lady next to you with the screaming kid who is waiting for Augmentin.

3.  There is no such thing as a simvastatin emergency.

4.  Rx transfers are also low on my radar.  as nice as I can muster, I will say  ” unless you will perish before Friday, we will do this transfer late this evening or after TG day.” Which begs the question: You knew you were travelling.  why do you bring ME an empty bottle of #30 Exforge  from Virginia, dated 10-12-2011? A. you should have been out of this 10 days ago…and B. I dont have it anyway.

5.  Pharmacy is like a huge funnel.  You can stick a ton of stuff ALL AT ONCE in the top, but it will always come out the bottom at the same rate…

6.  No, I cannot fill your Vicodin 2 weeks early for Thanksgiving…its a ONE DAY holiday…at the most, 4 days for those hitting the road…NOT 14.

7. it is always better if you will give the the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of everything today.  Long stories,  your golf game….MY golf game…all that stuff I normally LOVE to hear…cant hear today.  Its 100% business today, and forgive me… I really can’t sit and listen to you tell me all about ( another) testosterone Gel you are repping today.

8.  I highly doubt I am going to get a PA from  an out of state Physician on  No, I am not kidding.

9.  I am not sure that requesting this clonazepam refill at 4pm the day before thanksgiving is going to be oked. Yes, I know your Dr is awesome, but since his office closed at 3:30 today,  I have this sinking feeling you will be waiting til monday.

10.  The words I started to hate the most:  ” I know you are really busy, BUT…”  Ok, so stop right there then.

I felt like a ping pong ball today,  bouncing from one end of the pharmacy to the other, getting a little bit more beaten up as the day progressed. If not the drop off window, it was the pick up window, or the phone, or somebody poking their head over the counter, or an override that had to be done, or a script that just had to be checked because he/she is at the window to pick up (me: but you said you will be here friday?.”. He: I changed my mind”).  What I really am is a conductor of an orchestra with no instruments, attempting to keep this organized chaos of a pharmacy performing  a difficult masterpiece.

The few, trying to please the many.


Comment by Jade

November 23, 2011 @ 8:59 pm

Ha. ‘Conductor of an orchestra’ without instruments. At least y’all know the tune! Improvisation. Skilled improvisation.

I used to tell my keystone tech, There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and I guess we’re in the cat skinnin’ business tonight. Hold onto your hat ’cause here we go. (Probably not a PETA-PC idiom, but who can forget an alley cat soaked in formalin, or for that matter Scrofi the fetal pig?oh my, the fetal pig..I still have that stench in my nose! what a memory!

Comment by Dan

November 24, 2011 @ 12:41 am

I feel the pain. Filled roughly 2000 rxs in since Monday. I had 2 to 5 incoming calls from 3pm to 10pm. Still receiving MD calls as late as 8:30pm. It is, as you said a one day holiday, not the rapture.

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