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With no relation to the previous post,  Mr Chick and I are up late tonight watching TV, a rarity for the “early to bed” type that we are.   We caught an ad  on the telly offering an item ” completely free! “.  It promised no strings attached.

I like free, but know better.  Free is rarely free.  Reading the small print I noticed that my FREE item was subject to nearly 30.00 in shipping and handling charges.  Being very familiar with shipping charges, I know that “handling” is taking up the majority of this particular dollar amount.  So much for “free”.

Likewise, late night TV has lots of brief info-mericals that offer the 30 in one tool, salad dicer and nose hair trimmer for the amazing price of 29.99. AND if you act right now, you can get another one FREE..( just pay another shipping and handling, which happens to be nearly as much as the item itself.)

What took the cake was an item I wanted to purchase online.  You see, nearly every pharmacy has a scotch tape dispenser.  I have the ever popular C22 Scotch tape dispenser, in Boring Beige ( I think that is an official color). It has this flesh tearing blade on its end that over the last 15 years isn’t tearing flesh ( or tape) as well as it should.  I decided to order replacement blades.  They are about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.   They weigh nothing and you could probably tape a dozen or more to a sheet of paper and stick it in a first class envelope and mail it for 44cents.  Most likely, however,they come shrink wrapped to a small piece of cardboard.  After collecting all kinds of info, the site finally revealed its shipping charges.  My 3 blades were just under 13 bucks.  The shipping ( and handling) was over $14.

Seriously?   With a straight face??

Handle this….no thank you. Unless my blades are being transported to its packaging by a uniformed Concierge named Pierre and wrapped in gold lame’ and flying business class, I cannot see paying MORE in S&H and I pay for the item.

I gave Ebay the heave-ho for the same reason..It became all the rage to soak auction buyers with exhorbitant shipping charges.

Some things I am forced to pay.  Im hosed on baggage when I fly.  I now stuff my clothes in plastic bags and stuff them in my golf bag. If I get 50 lbs..I use 49 of them.

I’ll find my blades..elsewhere.

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Comment by IAPharmer

November 19, 2011 @ 8:55 pm

2 words for you…Amazon Prime.

80 Bucks a year, you get free 2nd day shipping on most stuff, you can have it next day for $3 more.

We easily make the money back each year. hell last year we made it back in 1 transaction. We bought new surround sound speakers. Once we got the box I went to UPS and calculated what it would cost to ship them 2nd day air….$145!

Not sure if you can get the blades on there, but it is a handy thing if you don’t like paying shipping (or handling)

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