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AP News:  Rumors are circulating on the whereabouts of the internationally famous and beloved blogger Pharmacy Chick and her equally famous and beloved spouse Mr Chick.  Witnesses report seeing PC loading what appeared to be golf travel bags in the back of their car and muttering “enough of this cold weather”.  Another witness reported seeing PC handing a nondescript paper bag to a neighbor and a small key with the comment ” mail box 12 please”.    One source close to the Chick family dispute the rumor saying  ” She just recently vacationed.  I HIGHLY doubt she would be leaving again so soon.  Its all a rumor”, while another source close to Pharmacy Chick reported ” That’s just CRAP…  she would vacation 24-7-365 if she could!”. 

It is unknown where their current whereabouts are.  Staff at Pharmacy Chick Pharmacy refused comment, saying only “What she does is her business!, but we are all jealous hahaha”.  Family and friends alike are all hoping for their safety and well being during their absence, but do not think any foul play is involved unless one or the other double bogeys a hole, a crime in and of itself.

Sources close to the Chick family have assured all those asking that they will turn up soon enough and will most certainly have much to say about their absence, and to continue checking her blogsite for any and all updates.


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