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Pharmacy Chick may not have a lock on all three of these noble attributes, but of the three,  she is grateful to have at least one of them.  I am healthy and I will state emphatically that I do not take it for granted. 

As a pharmacist I dont have to look far to find those that aren’t so lucky. My computer is full of patients whose health is less than stellar, some due to their own personal failures and some due to circumstances beyond their control.   There is one thing that none of us can master  however..the passage of time.

I have worked at the same store for 15 years.  I have seen my customers age during this time.. I have aged during this time.   I don’t look much like I did 23 years ago when I got out of college. I can only imagine what Olive thinks.  She is 99 years old.  I have only  known her for about 10 years…which means she was 89 when I met her.   To me she has always been “old”.  We talked one day.  She used to dance.  She and her husband used to go to supper clubs, have dinner and dance together.  He has long since been gone.  She is slow moving, cant see too well anymore but still has a pleasing spunky personality.  She told me once that she doesnt’ FEEL old..her body just got old!

My body is going to get old too..I wont be able to hit the golf ball as far as I used to. I wont be able to lift what I used to.  I may have to use a cane or I may lose my sight.  I have trouble understanding that concept because I dont see myself as “old” either!  I do flu clinics at some elder care centers.  I have to remember, these people weren’t old forever.  They were young, active, farmers and housewives, doctors, teachers, and the like. They did fun things, had children, built lives…and then grew old. 

One of my dearest customers went out to her garden last week…and died.  C was a delightful lady who blessed everybody she met. She really lived life.  I was shocked when I read her obit.  She literally went to pick flowers..and died enroute.

I know someday I will not be able to do the things that I do now..but I am going to do everything I can to keep my health as long as I can. I love to play golf. I love to play tennis, go on walks, play with my dogs, travel with Mr Chick and hang out with my friends.  But when I look at my customers, I see the future.   Unless the Lord has plans to bring me home early, I know that I’ll be that little old lady getting my flu shot from some “young’n”

I really encourage you to look at your own life..and enjoy your health while you have it.  Time only ticks one direction.  We can’t stop it, slow it down, buy any of it back, or change its course.. Work while you must…Play when you can…  Love life..Live Life…but just don’t waste your life!

So if you will exuse me..I am going to play golf!

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Comment by Karen

September 30, 2010 @ 7:41 pm

Well said. “Don’t waste your life!” and none of us will be at the finish line saying “I was that I had spent more time at work”

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