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Flu Shot Follies 2010 first edition!

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 10:47 pm on Thursday, September 9, 2010

Actual conversations about flu shots so far:

”  I would like a flu shot”..Ok, no problem, just fill out..”but I dont want the one with that Pig Flu stuff in it”. Sorry, but H1N1 is included in the flu shot this year..“Well, then I’ll just go to big box where they will HELP me”.

” Can I get Last Year’s flu shot still?”  no, you cannot.  ” Why not??”  1. its LAST year’s version and 2. its out of date.

Is there is wait for a flu shot?’ no we do not have a line at the moment…” So I can get one RIGHT AWAY?”  um..define “right” does take about 10-15 minutes for processing etc…“harrumph, I knew there was a wait!”..(walks off).

” Can I use a Gift card coupon for a Flu shot?”  N.o.p.e.

sigh…They are back…stay tuned for more!


Comment by Blakerx

September 11, 2010 @ 6:07 am

I had somebody throw a colossal fit yesterday because he had to wait ten minutes for his flu shot. You’d think they’d be a bit nicer since I’m about to stick them with a needle. Good thing I’m ethical. (for now 🙂
A wise woman’s words: do NOT piss off the holder of the needle!

Comment by IAPharmer

September 11, 2010 @ 5:56 pm

In my state we can immunized all the way down to 4 years of age…today was my first batch of screaming kids…it was not as bad as you would think, but it was no picnic, thankfully I have some great techs that played distracter for me!

Also, for some odd reason people are under the impression that the “Swine” part of it is live, I had 3 people ask me that today…it makes me wonder if Oprah said something about it. Nope people you cannot get the flu from it now roll up your sleeve and get over here!

Comment by chris

September 13, 2010 @ 9:55 am

My company is planning to make us give flu shots, along with a new dietary product (one of those starve yourself thin plans) no extra hours for staffing though so it could be quite interesting.

Comment by Grumpy Old CRA

September 15, 2010 @ 6:48 am

I sat down one night read this blog for several hours and laughed my ass off and developed a new respect for pharmacists.

I’ve been working in clinical drug development for 15 years for both pharma and CROs and my wife has worked for 17 years for the big “A” that is emblazoned on many counting trays in pharmacys. We’ve seen it all going to doctor’s offices or a hospital pharmacy to account for drug and ensure it’s being dispensed and taken per the study protocol.

PharmacyChick, I did have one question for you. I have been taking an SSRI for about 6 years for anxiety and have alprazolam as a rescue med. I had gotten the alprazolam filled initially 6 months ago for 30 .5mg tabs and 4 refills. Why do scripts expire in 6 months? I went back to get my first refill and found that they had to call the doc since it was expired. I never understood that.

Keep up the great work all you guys and gals that slave away in the pharmacy!

Grumpy Old CRA

Grumpy, Alprazolam is a controlled substance and according to federal statute, may be refilled for 6 months or 5 refills, whichever comes FIRST, at which point all refills expire and a new auth must be obtained. Hope that helps! PC

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