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It takes a lot tick off the Pharmacy Chick, I will say that from the start.  I have been a retailer for WAY to long to have every little thing bother me.  However, tonight Mr Chick and I did something we have never done before….Walk out of a restaurant.

We had decided to meet a friend of ours for dinner after we had played golf (and she had finished work).  We chose a mexican restaurant (and while I won’t name names, lets just say that it happens to share the same name as an American car company..heh heh)

We arrived, and was promptly seated.  Our server Tina (fake name) brought us the big bowl of chips and some salsa…Our friend arrived about 10 minutes later and we placed our order.   Tina brought more drinks, more chips and more salsa.  We had ordered some Guac as an appetizer……and Tina brought us more drinks, more chips and more salsa.  We asked about the guac and she said it was coming. (tick tick tick)  So we kept eating chips and salsa and drinking soda.  Pretty soon I saw Tina coming with a tray! Hurray, our guacamole!…NOPE…two more bowls of salsa.  (we had been waiting now for over a 1/2 hour)

Mr Chick flagged Tina down and asked to cancel our Guac, and she somehow finagled us to keep the order because it was going to be “right up”. tick…tick…tick…By now we had 45 minutes under our belt and all we had before us was an empty tray of chips, 6 bowls of salsa, and enough soda inside of me to float a ship.  This time I flagged Tina down and told her we were CANCELLING the Guac and it was to be taken off the bill. She apologized and said it was very busy and our food would be out “in a few minutes”….but half the tables were empty so I wasn’t buying this.

(an aside)  Pharmacy Chick was a waitress in her early days…I will warn all my readers, that when a server tells you that your food will be ready in “only a few minutes”, its server-speak for “we just got it started cuz we forgot your order and we trying to buy time”.

Tick …..tick….tick. 

I checked my watch. The 3 of us had been there for 55 minutes, and all we had eaten was chips and salsa.  In that entire time we had seen NO actual meals come from the kitchen.  It was nearly 8 o’clock,  we still had a 45 minute drive home, and I had enough!

I told Mr C,  “Dear, put $5 on the table for the drinks,   I have waited long enough, we are leaving..and we are leaving NOW”.  The 3 of us got up, and without a word, left the restaurant.

We went to the hamburger joint across the street and had a burger and a shake.

I may write a letter.


Comment by was1

July 1, 2010 @ 3:10 pm

Nothing can ruin a meal like poor service. I especially love it when the place is nearly empty and service is still substandard. One of my favorite lines is “Coffee will be out in a minute, I just put on a fresh pot”. Right.

Not sure who said it first… “beware the wrath of a patient man” applies to many situations. Being in a service industry I’m always willing to cut some slack to those who also serve, but there is a limit. You did the right thing.

Comment by Frantic Pharmacist

July 1, 2010 @ 8:59 pm

Knowing a college student who works in a restaurant, I know that often the problem is a bad kitchen and the servers bear the brunt of it. The kitchen staff gets behind, is understaffed, poorly organized, or just don’t care because they don’t have to deal directly with the customers. If you write a letter I would address it to the manager — if they care about their business they should pay attention.

Comment by The Ole' Apothecary

July 2, 2010 @ 8:55 am

Attention all retail concerns! As a model for good customer service preparedness, take a lesson by comparison!

U.S. Big Box #1:

number of checkout counters: 30
number of active cashiers: 5

U.S. Big Box #2

At pharmacy pickup window:

number of checkout stations: 2
number of active cashiers: 1 — ALWAYS, even if the line goes all the way to Guam!

Okay, now comes…

Boots Pharmacy, Edinburgh Scotland:

number of checkout stations: 5
number of SMILING cashiers: 5 (lined up and standing there at the ready!)

I sure told the Boots cashiers in the store, and later, Boots management in an email, how much I appreciated their great service and how it compares to average U.S. checkout service.

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