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I was reading Angriest today (always a good read by the way) and I had to laugh out loud.  What pharmacist hasn’t had an interaction with some customer who INSISTS they spoke with you that very day about something you have no clue about.  I laughed because I had such an interaction the other day, not about Carter’s Little pills but about a missing prescription.

Miss Priss (about 25 and dressed like a hooker) came to the counter to pick up a prescription, that sadly enough we couldn’t find.  Not only couldn’t we find the rx she wanted but a check into the computer found absolutely no person match with her date of birth (a miracle itself believe me).  She huffed, put her hands on her skinny hips and said ” I transferred my birth control HERE last week AND YOU CALLED ME TO TELL ME ITS READY”.   I also checked her phone number in our data base…no match.

I told her nicely.  ” we have no match on your name, your date of birth NOR your phone number. We did not fill any prescription for her you at this location.” “could you have possibly called another Pharmacy THINKING it was this one?”.

Well of course not…a customer would never make such a mistake.  Since Pharmacy Chick pharmacy is one of a chain and there is only 100 or so in our metro area, there is NO CHANCE she could have called the wrong one.   Pharmacy Chick Pharmacy (PCP) is on a very very, very long street and as it so happens there are 4 PCP’s on the 15 mile stretch of Main street,  none of them have “Main street” in their address. There are, for example, stores on the  corner of 1st and Main,   83rd and Main and 160th and Main etc….  but our addresses are  123 1st street….123 83rd street and 123 160th street.. etc…get it?? Yea I thought so.

She said “well you ARE on Main street arent  you?” and when we told her that we technically were on 83rd street, there was a flash of  “retreat” in her face, but she wasn’t budging.  “I know it was this store!”.

Since I wasn’t going to let her leave thinking we were the failing party here I decided to take a shot in the dark and call the other stores on “main street” I hit the  jackpot on the first one.  Very loudly and succinctly I asked “Sam, this is PC at PCP 83rd street.  Do you have a prescription sitting there for Miss Priss DOB 1-2-85 on your shelf?” Sam said “yea, its been here a week, it was a special order..(sigh) you dont want me to transfer it there do you?” I found out what it was, some specific brand of BC we didn’t have..and it was a Sunday which told me she wanted it NOW…heh heh.  “Oh, I see, Sam, YOU DO HAVE IT THERE?  I SEE,  SHE MUST HAVE CALLED THE WRONG STORE. SINCE I DONT HAVE THAT PRODUCT HERE, I’LL SEND HER TO YOU”. and hung up.  During this whole call, she was on her cell phone complaining to whoever was on the other end about us and our “losing her prescription”.

There was no mistaking the look in her face.  It was THERE.  She was here.  They had the product. I didn’t.  I told her she had 20 minutes before they closed this Sunday afternoon.  “your addresses shouldn’t be so confusing” she complained as she turned on her black high heels and clicked away.

Have a nice day.  Dont miss any of your pills missy, it would be a shame to have two of you on this planet.


Comment by Dr. Grumpy

January 26, 2010 @ 6:48 am

Yeah, and her type shows up here, insisting she made an appointment for today with “somebody”, and she doesn’t know their name.

Comment by Jeremy

January 26, 2010 @ 11:35 am

I’ve had this before a few months back. A husband came in to pick up a prescription for his wife. The tech couldn’t find an RX, name in the system, anything at all. The guy insisted it was at our Pharmacy, this is the Pharmacy his wife told him to come to. After 20 minutes, we finally convince him to call his wife. It was at different chain Pharmacy down the street. Ooops!! I guess it’s VERY easy to confuse Walgreens with Kroger. Since, you know… the names are so similar.

Comment by Frantic Pharmacist

January 26, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

Ugh, I absolutely hate the “someone called me” situation. Nothing you say can convince these people
they might have made a mistake. In the clinic pharmacy we usually find it’s one of the nurses that called them.
Try telling them that, though.

Comment by chris

January 28, 2010 @ 6:25 am

We have a very similar 0800 phone number to another of our branches about 250 miles away, and we regularly get phonecalls for them. Most of them are polite but some of them WILL NOT beleive that we are miles and miles away from them and they have phoned the wrong place.

The most recent one we had a lady phone up to order her repeat and have it delivered, this is common here so we went through the usual speil. We then asked her adress and it was in the other city. She swore blind that we were right down the street from her and called us liars that didnt want to help her.

Comment by Jules

June 2, 2010 @ 7:37 pm

Just reading about that exchange made my blood pressure rise. You have an amazing amount of tolerance for bullshit. I had a genius call me today at my office insisting that someone named Erica called him from our agency. We argued back and forth for a good 10 minutes as I tried to explain to this fool that there is no one here by that name.

Sometimes I feel like I am of a different species.

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