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Not seasonal Allergies…Seasonal Anxiety

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 12:53 pm on Saturday, August 22, 2009

Once we have passed thru July, Pharmacy Chick’s mind starts moving towards the fall and the impending flu season.  For some reason, it always leads to this weird sense of fear and dread that lasts until we actually launch the vaccinations.  This year its a little worse because of the labor cuts they implemented in our store and the media frenzy about influenza and “swine” flu.  Last week  a thousand doses of flu vaccine arrived at the store.  Flyers, Posters, etc all have been placed in strategic locations in the store (including the bathroom..go figure).

I have already scheduled several off site clinics and I know more are coming.

Usually we start vaccinating October 1.  It’s usually like a race:  On you mark, Get Set…..GO!  and they line up like I was handing out hundred dollar bills or something.  This year its about the same only earlier.  Its till August and I have already done several flu shots.  Everybody wants to know “will this cover Swine flu” (answer: no).  

Its going to be a very long flu season for those of us to vaccinate.  Potentially, there will be people who get 3 shots this year: 1 seasonal flu shot and 2 swine flu shots (given 30 days apart).   My appointment book is already filling up with familiar names and soon there will be people dropping in hoping to score a shot.  Most of the insurances arent ready to process….til Sept 1.  Its now Aug 22. 

I have 7 more days of sanity…the anxiety is already starting….

Breathe deep will be ok.  it always is…


Comment by Dr. Grumpy

August 22, 2009 @ 1:00 pm

Somehow, when the dust settles, we are still standing.

Comment by Andrew, CPhT

August 22, 2009 @ 4:54 pm

Wouldn’t people potentially have to get a second (seasonal) flu shot if they get it this early? I’ve always been told that if I get it in October to get it again in January. (Then again I work in a public healthcare setting, so I get exposed to it more than most, I guess)
I have not heard of the recommendation to receive a second flu shot, except in first exposure pediatric cases. But then again, I do not profess to be the expert on all things…The CDC is the agency recommending earlier vaccination than normal this year because they expect an earlier flu season. The H1N1 vaccine should be available in November. It will be interesting to see how many people ACTUALLY pony up to buy it since according to my early sources it will be an optional (i.e. not covered) 2 shot series.

Comment by Cody

August 23, 2009 @ 9:31 am

My pharmacy chain, in previous years, had different dates for each store to give vaccinations, since we had so few immunizers. This year, they pushed for every store to have 2 immunizers NOT COUNTING our in-store clinics. We wondered why, then they announced last week: Every store in the district, if not every store in the CHAIN for all I know, is going to do flu shots on October 1st. And that’s it. No spread-out-over-a-month-at-different-stores deal this year.

Lord I hope I don’t get scheduled that day.

Comment by anon

August 23, 2009 @ 9:09 pm

My hubby and I have both survived the swine flu (along with several others in my office). It was annoying, but not the end of the world… people are getting way overworked about this.

@Dr. Grumpy- it’s nice to know we’ll survive the apocalypse.

Comment by Jade

August 24, 2009 @ 10:24 am

At one time it was only crazy trying to order the drug at staggered times so there was room enough in fridge, then calling the doctors offices to come pick it up before the next shipment arrived. When it was in short supply there were the daily updating phone calls about rationing and availability. Last spring it was the calls from the public about what the previous flu shot covered. This season there will be all three issues.

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