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The Chick family had such a nice day for the 4th of July.  We played golf in the morning and needed to be home so I could make a cake for a neighborhood barbecue.  I made the cake batter, and turned on the oven to warm up.  About 4 minutes later I heard the “beep” to tell me that its at the right temp.  Great!  the cake had to bake for 45 minutes.  I checked the clock..all is good.  I set the timer and went to  sit for awhile and internet surf.  About 20 minutes later, I went to check on the cake…….that was still sitting on the counter…..and an empty oven nice and hot…waiting for it. 


Where’s my morphine??

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Pharmacy Chick is at the end of her 222 rope!  What’s going on at the FDA (Federal Department of Aggravation)??  I can’t get Morphine 20mg/ml for my terminal cancer patients.  I can’t get any Oxycodone 20mg/ml either.  I used my very last bottle last week for a hospice patient whose family drove across town to get it AND the nurse made me swear up on a stack of Bibles that I would hold it for him. 

“Do you have any idea how hard this is to find??” the family member said. “yes in fact I do, and it makes me just as crazy, you got the last one in metro city I think”.

Call me callous but I hope that some major Upitty Up at FDA has a family member in hospice and THEY go without because of their ridiculous plan. Maybe then they will see the horrific impact they are having on people who desperately need to die in relative comfort. 

Yea, I know WHAT they are doing.  What I dont’ understand is WHY.  The stuff works for God’s sake.  Everybody knows it.  What. Is. Their. Point.

Not good….not good at all.


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One night I was heading home from work.  I don’t live far so I do not have to use the freeways. The road I take has a speed limit of 45 mph. I usually motor along at somewhere between 45 and 48.  I am neither the turtle nor the rabbit when I drive.  Behind me was a truck who was rapidly getting closer and closer until he was close enough to read the magazines in my back seat.  It was a very uncomfortable feeling because he followed my like this for a long time and by the time I was at my own turn off, he had been tailgaiting me so close that I couldn’t see his headlights in my rear view mirror.  I was convinced he was going to hit me, and was glad to be rid of him when I finally turned off and he went on.

We have our own tailgaters in the pharmacy, thanks to HIPAA. We put up a sign early on with a little red stop sign asking people to “stand here”.  It allows about 5-6 feet of space between the sign and the counter.  Its no miracle cure for privacy but it makes us compliant with the law. It seems that most place I go have these kinds of props now, formerly reserved for banks.

One would think that these signs are self explanatory.  “Please stand here until counter is clear”. Its not rocket science, but then again, maybe it is, given how often I have to play privacy police. Almost daily I have to gently ask somebody to step back to the sign. Some retreat gracefully.  Others glare at me. Occasionally there are those who force me to debate the issue. “What’s the difference?, I can hear you just as well HERE as THERE!” I try to explain that “When you stand THERE, we are in compliance with the law but if you stand HERE, we aren’t and those few feet mean thousands of dollars in fines.”

I can’t speak for all of pharmacy-dom but I’d put down some serious money that most of us are sick of playing this stand-here-stand-there game. I know I am.

Besides the outright tailgaiters, we also get to deal with the sneakers, those who slither around the sign to “just ask a quick question” with wanton disregard for the person already standing there.  Whether its to ask where the bathroom is or where the Tylenol/razors/soap/etc is, these people are oblivious to everybody else but themselves and their target: ME.

With all the things that I have to focus on, I’d like to get on my soap box and say that we spend a disproportionate amount of time and effort on HIPAA.   We separate our trash like a recycling fiend.  We have more security around our garbage than most people have in their home.  We tape off where you can stand and where you cannot, and guard our words lest any privileged information fall upon the wrong ears. It seems like a colossal double standard that you can send a taxi driver to collect your prescription and receive counseling on your behalf, but if some dude behind you catches an earful, BAM, $1000 fine.

Can I just say to you all that I miss the days when I could focus on what really mattered?  Right drug, right patient, right sig?

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