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Mr Chick Update II

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For those following my blog, Mr Chick has had some health issues involving some sudden headaches, leading us to switch from serving patients to BEING patients.  I have always said that I would never want to be critically ill in this city because health care is more like a cattle drive than a personal experience. MOO.

I came from a smaller town. It had 2 hospitals, one on each end, and because Pharmacy Chick’s mom worked at one of them, many of the employees became part of our extended family. It had the cutting edge technologies in a small package.  It was personal.

We checked in today at 0600.  That’s 6:00am. O’dark thirty.  The only advantage to getting to the hospital this early in the morning is the killer parking spots you get.  As good as the Dr’s parking.  We found admitting who said we were in the wrong place and sent us upstairs to ICVR (interventional cardio vascular recovery), WHO said we were in the wrong place and sent us back to a different admitting, who (after filling out more paperwork, including the do-we-unplug-you-or-not-directive, sent us back to ICVR. The place was like a maze, with different colored elevators that took you to different “pavillions”.  We did a lot of walking before Mr chick finally got  whisked away to be changed from my husband to yet another patient in a paper dress.  To their credit, everybody was very polite and professional.

He had his test, slept off the drugs, ate a banana, and after receiving the ok, we dressed and I took him home. He gets to be waited on hand and foot for one day. I think he is enjoying this part.

To make a short story even shorter, I am pleased to report that the angiogram went fine.  Mr Chick’s brain is mostly normal, with the narrowing he saw on MRA to be “congenital, and not likely to be symptomatic”.  He found one small spot of possible athersclerosis but, again, not pathogenic.  This is a huge relief to us both. No aneurysms, tumors, or blockages.

And while we are still mystified as to why he is getting these sudden headaches, (possible vasospasms), we have eliminated the life threatening ones, and those that may require surgery. 

Praise God!



Comment by Beloved Parrot

March 20, 2009 @ 5:53 pm



Comment by sickofstupidpeople

March 20, 2009 @ 6:56 pm

OK, PC, now that you have had good news about the tests – hallelujah! – I have a suggestion…
Once, a few years back, I experienced some funky headaches myself. I had experienced migraines before, but these were completely different – they knocked me to my knees when they happened. I saw a neurologist who asked about the headaches, and within 10 seconds, smiled and said “Oh, that’s easy – you have icepick headaches.” Huh? He then prescribed indomethacin, and promised it would prevent my headaches. I tried 25mg tid for a while, but the drowsiness was too much, so I switched to 75mg ER at HS. I took them for a total of about 6 weeks, and haven’t had an icepick headache since – about 5 years now.
Come to find out, indomethacin is really great for staving off those atypical headaches… You should ask if it would be appropriate for Mr Chick.
I wish you and Mr Chick the best!
excellent suggestion, Indometh, propranolol and clonidine have all been used successfully to alleviate these types of headaches. Now that we have eliminated structural abnormalities, we will move towards other kinds of treatments. The irony of these types of headaches is that they come out of nowhere, and can leave like a thief in the night. Mr C is hoping they will leave soon.

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