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Every year Pharmacy  Chick gives flu shots to this one particular family.  They bring in between 5-8 people at one time in a slot I usually reserve for 2.  I don’t care.  They are nice people.  They hardly have a pot to pee in but the matriarch always brings me a box of candy when I give the family flu shots.


THIS is why I do this job.  Not for the price matchers, Not for the people who heap abuse on us, not because I am loyal to my company, and not for the money…ok thats a lie, I need the money.  I keep coming back because once in a while, somebody says I make a difference. “You give the best shots around and I’ll tell all my friends” she says in a deep southern drawl.

You do that Henrietta. Thanks.

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Comment by Scargosun

October 21, 2008 @ 10:47 am

Ok. I love this woman. She has LOADS of good Karma headed her way. 🙂

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