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The well dressed man and his flu shot

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October: the month of Oktoberfests, pumpkins, Halloween and Flu-shots.  It gets to be rather busy at Pharmacy Chick’s drugstore at this time.  We attempt to manage the flow by taking appointments.  This little man had an appointment.  He KNEW he was going to get a flu shot. AND, it was close to 70 degrees outside today, an absolutely beautiful day.( remember this).

He came to the counter to tell us he was here for his shot.  We directed him to a table to complete his consent form, which he did promptly and turned it in. 

I processed the paperwork and brought everything out to give him his shot.  He is wearing an overcoat.  He takes it off without any prompts. 

 He is wearing a heavy ragg wool sweater.  I tell him he will have to take it off.  He obliges.

He is wearing a sweatshirt UNDER the sweater.  I tell him he will have to take THAT off.  He obliges.

He is wearing a white turtle neck shirt under the sweatshirt, under the sweater.  He tries to pull it up but only gets above his elbow.  I tell him he will have to take THAT off also.  He obliges. Surely we must be reaching skin by now….


He has on a T-shirt, under the Turtleneck, under the sweatshirt, under the sweater, which was under the overcoat.  Good God Almighty,  is there a man under there somewhere? or is this like those nesting dolls where the final doll is the size of a fingernail?

Thankfully the T-shirt was short sleeved.  He finally got his shot, then got about the business of reassembling his ensemble.

Remember the weather?  Its close to 70 degrees. Bright sunshine.  Fabulous day for October.  I casually mentioned ” Thats a lot of layers for a warm day”.  He tells me he gets cold easy. 

Heaven help him when things really cool off.



Comment by Cathy Lane RPh

October 14, 2008 @ 8:56 am

I used to be the warmest in the igloo, and then little telltale signs began to appear not in any particular order until at particular checkup I told my doctor I was feeling stupid i.e. couldn’t play pharmacy trivia on the spot, and remember my patient’s names until that night at 2:00 AM. He told me to get thyroid stimulating hormone checked. It’s amazing. As a pharmacist, it’s my only medication (unless I wake at 3:00 AM with impending sinus/migraine–then it’s the old nAPAP, oxymetazolong, and Flonase for couple days). If I forget to take the darn thyroid hormone replacement for one day, I am ‘frozen’ the next and no amount of wool or hot sauna will take care of it. Surprisingly, once I take the tablet I begin to feel warmer right away. (I may be chemically dependent on thyroid medication…) Other signs I’d dismissed: eczema–bad, Mohave desert bad, tiredness, muscle aches and pains (which I’d reasoned were from long workouts at gym when I felt I was gaining weight), and the classic brittle nails, hair loss, etc.

As for the elderly gentleman, maybe there’s something organic, hopefully there’s an electric underwear product available –doesn’t sound like heavy duty silk or mountain climbing gear would work in winter in a temperate climate.


Comment by Ryan Frank

October 14, 2008 @ 12:12 pm

Yikes… I’m still wearing a t-shirt at 50 degrees…


Comment by PharmacyJim

October 15, 2008 @ 6:54 pm

LOL, I used to have a patient that wore a glove on only one hand no matter the weather conditions. I asked him why. His statement was short and to the point….because that hand was always cold. Go figure. I left it at that.

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