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The day before holidays–Get me outa here

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I am pretty sure I have written about this before, but second to the day AFTER a holiday, not much sucks as much as the day before a holiday.  Today was no exception. I hate working the day before a holiday and the day after sucks just as much…and we don’t even close for the holiday.

 For instance, Pharmacy Chick had just opened the door, and we hadn’t done much more than empty the que of all the rx’s that people had called in over night.  I seemed manageable enough: #27 on the list..  We are, after all in the dog days of August and are filling about 30 fewer per day than usual. It may seem insignificant , but 30 fewer is about an hour LESS of work we have to do.  This guy came to the counter and asked for his prescription.  He said he had punched it in “early this morning”.  I knew the name only because I had run it thru the que but nothing had been counted yet.  “But I called it in early this morning”he whined.  I had to explain to this brilliant brain trust that I opened at 9am and 15 minutes is not enough time for me to do his (and 26 other) prescriptions.  He gave me “the look” and the sigh and walked away after I told him to come back in 20 minutes.

The day was full of “waiters”, people whose lack of planning or self-serving desire made them plant their carcases in my waiting room, or pacing around wondering “is it ready?” Heres a secret to you non-pharmacist readers:  If you ask me “if its ready” BEFORE the time I tell you it will be ready, YOU WILL WAIT EVEN LONGER!  Today was full of these people. I’d say 20 minutes, they’d show up after 10. I’d say half-hour, they’d come back in 20 minutes. 

The Jerks:  you’d think somebody hung a sign outside that said, “give Pharmacy Chick crap today”.   You see, I don’t care if your car is packed and you are heading to your cabin. I don’t care if you have a cooler full of food. I don’t care if you want to get out of town ahead of traffic.  I also don’t care if Uncle Ernie’s barbecue starts without you.  You dropped of 3 refills behind 6 others who beat you to the counter and unless you are bleeding profusely, you will NOT get the “rush” treatment. You could have done this 2 days ago..but you didn’t did you?

The senseless Seniors:  They aren’t going anywhere, they never do.  They are retired and have no timetable. Everyday is a holiday.  So, why in the name of whatever diety you worship, did so many of them come and require personal assistance from PC today? And, why did it have to be between 4:30 pm and 6 Pm?

The transferring travelers:  Need I say more? Who  packs their bottles with 1 pill in the vial and heads out on vacation?  Apparently too many.  I get some kind of perverse satisfaction when I am handed a vial to transfer and its for a drug I don’t have.  Its like a Monoply Get-out-of-Jail-free card.  Mr Traveler wants it now, not Tuesday…buh bye.

The weird drug search.  Its Friday, Its 5pm, the script comes in for some weird antiprotozoal.  I had to dig deep to remember how to spell it because the nurse spelled it wrong. However its spelled, I do not have it.  12 pharmacies later, I still have not found it. Looks like the customer gets to stick close to the pot all weekend.

The mind-changers:  I’d have be taken away in handcuffs if I didn’t get away from the counter soon. Lady called up and wanted 3 months of birth control. We filled the prescription.  THen she called back and wanted one month only.  We changed it. She came to pick it up and asked “can I get two more?”. “Two more what?”   “Two more of those…” (pointing to the birth control I am holding).  Fine, come back in 20 minutes.   So, 20 minutes pass. The rx is now done for the 3rd time today.  She comes back to pick it up and there is a line behind her.  “Do I have any refills on my Allegra?” “What is the copay for 3 months?” “how about one month?” “Can you fill it?” “Another 20minutes?” “why do you have that bat?

The whiners:  Oh the whiners–you’d think the holiday weekend was a prison sentence: “I have so much to do, can’t you do it faster?” ” $188 for Viagra?  How come so expensive?” well if you are gonna pay for sex, it might as well be worth it.  “I dont have a coupon, can I have $30 gift card if I fill this prescription? I need some groceries” you are kidding I hope.  “How can my 6 bottles of insulin cost $200? I paid only $45 last month” Ok. lets review: Different Insurance, Different HMO, Different State.  50% copay now.  Are we on the same page now?  “Is Lipitor on the $4 list?” Sure, how far can you make 1 tablet stretch?  How can I get my bandaids paid for on insurance?”  pray? cuz it certainly won’t happen here on earth.

This was priceless: ” I need a vacation supply, I am going away for the weekend” we just filled it 6 days ago for a 30 days supply, you will still have 20 days left after this weekend?” :”So, can I get it?” No. Care to guess the drug?  yes…Vicodin.

And just for the scumbag who wanted the “10 pack of U-100’s”  I hope you OD in the park and nobody finds your body for days.

Here’s hoping your Labor day is lots of “day” and no “labor”.




Comment by peadoodle

August 30, 2008 @ 7:16 am

AMEN! You summed up my entire Friday in 1 post. I guess the struggles are the same where ever you go. I admire your ability to blog exactly what is in my brain, did you do a residency in mind reading?
Keep ’em coming!



Comment by Scargosun

August 30, 2008 @ 11:23 am

Yeah, I’d say that was a bad day. I would have taken a bat to the Allegra girl.


Comment by Frantic Pharmacist

August 30, 2008 @ 3:46 pm

Oh man, you have just outlined the bane of our existence. I’ve had people come in for (nonexistent) refills on their WAY to the airport. And then they look at you like whaaa?? whaddoo I do??? I just want to smack them. And of course they’re going to pack these prescription meds in their checked luggage, just the way people have been told NOT to since flight was invented. I also hate the “add-ons”. You’re finally at the point of getting them out the door when it comes: “Oh, I also need strips and lancets.” OH- KAYYYY. Get your butt back to the end of the line.


Comment by J

August 31, 2008 @ 10:29 am

I lost count of how many times I heard, “Is there any way you can rush it?”


Comment by Carol

September 1, 2008 @ 4:06 pm

Ihate the day after a holiday. and to add to the joy, tomorrow is the first day of school. So not only will work suck, getting there will be a major PITA as I know I will be stuck behind a new schoolbus driver who doesn’t know the route.


Comment by The Ole' Apothecary

September 3, 2008 @ 3:38 pm

“People caught in the act of being themselves…”

–Allen Funt, host of the classic TV reality show “Candid Camera,” from the 1960s

Pharmacists do it every day, without the TV producer.


Comment by Nicki

September 9, 2008 @ 5:24 pm

I about peed my pants from laughing so much when I read this! I swear…everyone of those idiots come to my pharmacy. I LOVE the Lipitor jab! Pharmacy Chick…you rock!

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