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Mr and Mrs Chick took a few days off recently to get some needed home maintenance done.  Actually we are doing a kitchen gut and redo and we decided to be our own paint contractor.  (note to self: painting a ceiling is harder than it looks).  ANYWAY,  this required spending some quality time at home with the radio on.  Normally I don’t listen much to the radio.  I catch the news and traffic in the morning, and listen to all of about 10 minutes of Christian music on my way to the store each day. 

When we were painting, the radio was on for hours at a time.  I began to detect a trend in the ads that repeated themselves throughout the day.  I have deduced that the quantity of the ads seem to be inversely proportional to how much I need what they are trying to sell me.  Hang on with me here and you will see what I mean.

There seems to be an abundance of 4 kinds of ads on the radio lately: 3 of which (to me) are virtually worthless.  Here they are in no particular order:  supermarket ads, new car ads, mortgage refinancing ads and mattress ads.  

 Now I can understand supermarket ads–we need to eat food daily, and unless you are a survivalist who grows your own food, you probably visit a grocery store at least weekly, if not more.  Its a competitive market out there and they grasp for every sucker…er customer…they can get.

Its the other three that I don’t understand very well.  I have a car, a mortgage and a bed.  These are not things that I replace weekly, monthly or even yearly!  I have driven the same car for 8 years. Mr chick has had his for 12 years.  They work fine, they are paid for and I am in no hurry to buy something newer EVEN IF I GET 0% financing and free oil changes for life or what ever else they are promising me.  I hate shopping for a car, as most  car salesmen are weasels dressed in a cheap suit. ( Forgive me if there are any honest car salesmen…all 2 of you).

Secondly,  my mortgage rate is fine thank you.  I wasn’t stupid enough to purchase a home I couldn’t afford and I made sure that I always knew what my interest rate would be, and I didn’t lie on my application about my income to get a loan too big for my britches.  I’ll bet I hear a dozen ads every day telling me what a GREAT TIME it is to refinance my home and get money for that great vacation or home improvement. What a crock.

And lastly, I have to wonder,  what is it about mattress companies that requires them to run 100 ads every single day on the radio?  Are they trying to convice Americans that mattresses need to be changed with the sheets? It would seem so.   “Replace your old mattress with a NEW SleepComfortTempurPostureNumber Bed! You’ll sleep so well, an atomic blast will nary stir you!”   When we moved a dozen years ago, we decided to “invest” in a quality bed.  To date it has served us well and by all accounts I still sleep comfortably in it without any pain or discomfort. 

 The only thing I would change?  Get a double KING so the dogs would leave ME a place to sleep.

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