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Vacation nightmare part IV A family reunion. the final installment…

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Parts 1,2 and 3 chronicle getting the Chick family to Denver to attend a family reunion.  We started our ascent to the reunion site at Estes Park.  A lovely place indeed.  For some reason I thought Estes Park was…well….a “park” .  Its actually a resort town, cute and quaint.  We travelled up to the YMCA to check in.  Our host was handing out keys ( electronic of course) and room assignments.   “oh, Hi  Chick,  here are your keys, you are in Building B room 12 and your roommates are…..”  UH WHAAAAT?

Roommates?  me?  and my husband?   Now, I am not 18 years old.  Im nearly 52.  I get up 3 times a night to pee. I haven’t slept with another adult in the same room ( other than Mr Chick) since I was in college.

I had asked our host before hand about accommodations. I did my homework.  I still have the texts on my phone.  I asked if we had private rooms.  She said yes. We paid the equivalent of 150.00 a night for these accommodations which included only 1 meal in 2 days…a bbq. So to find out that I am sharing a room with husbands brother, his wife AND their 21 year old daughter who for some reason was not given a room despite paying for one…we were quite surprised to say the least.  which means that for 2 queen beds and a futon on the floor, the five of us paid 375.00 per night…. what a bargain…

There wasn’t anything we could do about it but bitch and that wasn’t the best plan of attack so we sucked it up and checked out the room.  THE KEYS DIDNT WORK.  sigh…another room key failure.. is there gonna be a mad sleeping guy in it like the previous night ( see part III)?   No, but we had to get into our car and drive to the admin building nearly a mile away to get new keys ( and hope they work). one did, the other didn’t…grrrr. 5 people in one room and 1 working room key?  Back to the admin building to get MORE keys.

Our “roommates” arrived a few hours later to the same surprise that we did ” guess what…we are roomies!”. We were at least grateful that we were of similar situation: we all were non snorers ( tho I had ear plugs) and I had some left over and very expired xanax from a trip abroad a few years ago.  It still worked….and we all were ok with getting up and needing to pee…since we all did!

The rest of the reunion experience was fine.  Trying to get 250 people together ( on time) for a picture was impossible..and a little frustrating but it the mission was accomplished.

In 48 hours it was time to say good bye and head to airport.  I was ready to go home and sleep in my own (private) bedroom. We turned in the car, headed to the airport, checked in , and got to the gate…all without incident. Could the drama be over? Could murphy’s law have been left at the park?

We went to hand in our tickets to be scanned and board the plane.  BEEP. ” Oh, 4D and 4E?  please step aside! Mr chick  could see the temp rising in his frazzled wife. WHAT.IS.THE.MATTER.WITH.OUR.SEAT?  I asked.  WHY.CANT.WE.GET.ON.THIS.PLANE?   I had had enough of this. I demanded an answer.  No more excuses. I was at my end.  The lady said ” they are fixing your seats.”  WTF?  they are airplane seats…they don’t recline anymore, they are bolted to the fuselage, they are designed to withstand a crash….and they don’t even have any moving parts anymore…what could POSSIBLY be broken?  Stolen?  Missing?

They dilly dallied around and finally let us on the plane.  We sat down to this girl next to us and we asked ” did you see anybody “fixing” these chairs?”  UH, no. she didn’t.

Well the seats made it home, they didn’t fly off the floor, nor did they come unscrewed from the floor.  But the final bow to this nightmare was when I started my period…on the plane…

I needed a vacation to get over this vacation… Can I go back to work?


Vacation nightmare III: the family reunion

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Parts I and II got us to Denver and now the saga of getting our room.  We booked on, a single night at a Comfort suites hotel before heading up to the family reunion.  We checked in around 330 pm and a nice little Asian lady ( the owner as it was later determined) checked us in.  She apologized that the computers were down so if it was ok, she would put the receipt under the door a little later.  She handed us a key to room 320 and sent us on our way.

We got to the room, cleaned up a bit, used the rest room, put some of our papers on the dresser and then left for our family’s house ( we were late for dinner).  AT this point it is of note: we didn’t put our suitcases in the room, but we were clearly checked in.

We went to our family’s house, had a great dinner etc…and went back to the hotel about 10 pm and to our surprise our key didn’t work.  Mr Chick tried it a few times and then even MORE to our surprise a GUY opened the door pissed.  WHAT??  ” this is our room”, we said. we checked in several hours ago. and showed him our key. we had left the paper wrap with the room number IN the room with the used towel etc…

We went downstairs and some pimply faced 16 year old was working the night desk. ” uh, I dunno …we don’t have you checked in are assigned 311″  I said ” No, we were checked in by the owner at 330 today and given THIS key for 320 which happens to have a pretty pissed guy in it right now”  Mr Chick didn’t want to get into a discussion with this kid so we took the room and decided to pursue it with management the next am.

That next morning I was pleased to find the same Asian lady there.  ” Do you remember me? I checked in and you gave me 320 yesterday afternoon”  She said she remembered me yes..she paused for a bit…. she said ” the cleaning lady did a last check on room and said it was empty so we assigned it to someone else?”  I was pretty upset at that point.  “Once we check into a room Ma’am there is no need for your housekeeping to ever enter the room unless we ask for it..and once we check in to the room it shouldn’t matter if we ever come back, use the bed, nothing….its paid for, its OURS and  thats it.”  Why was she in that room in the first place????

Remember when I said the computers were down?  Well the owner never finished the check in and completely forgot about us and then gave our room away…and we remained in ” unchecked in”.  Lucky me that our personal belongings were not in there or somebody else would have had access to all that we had.

I asked for a refund for the room which was declined because we booked on but she gave us some points for a future rental…I detailed again, that what had happened was pretty important and she really dropped the ball.  It will be mentioned on a future review.

Errors errors errors…In my business an error is never acceptable.  And yet this trip has been fraught with them and nobody seemed to care…

Part 4 to come:

Vacation nightmare Part II : The family reunion

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So part one covered the flight. Part 2 Saga begins with getting the car.  Now, the chick family isn’t the most frequent of fliers but we do belong to a loyalty program with Thrifty called their Bluechip program. Put simply, by enrolling in THEIR program, your experience renting a car is supposed to be simple and easy ( which is the same right?).  You rent the car online, arrive at the rental car place, find your name on the screen which has the car space next to it, go to the car, and leave.  THAT is precisely what the website claims and generally what happens when we rent. This time?  not so much.

We arrived at the rental car center and found our name on the screen.  But there was no car space next to it…or by ANYONES’s name for that matter.  So we got into the BlueChip line right behind this one couple.  There is also a “great unwashed” line for the non-loyalty club members.  the protocol is simple. if there is a line, the BlueChip goes first.  The couple ahead of us is taken first and they had already rented their car and wrecked it so all was a flutter about what to do next. My problem? no. There were at least 5-6 more reps standing in front of computers. What appeared to be my problem was I was apparently INVISIBLE.  I could see myself, and apparently so could Mr Chick because he would look directly at me but apparently the rest of the representatives at the counter couldn’t see either of us because they kept waving up the “great unwashed” instead of us. And, since I had been already frustrated by the previous several hours of dealing with Frontier, my patience was already at critical mass.

Finally, a lady came out from the back room and was typing away at the last computer terminal. she didn’t call anyone up but looked at me at least…once …and did a great job of ignoring me.  I walked up to her and asked ” do you SUPPOSE that I can get my car??” and she said “Ma’am, I just got here” to which I replied ” Great, but I have BEEN here, been  ignored while the rest of the people over there ( as I gestured to the other line) are getting served and I am a Blue Chip member. I shouldn’t even need to be IN this line.” ” why isn’t there a car next to our name on the screen?”

The guy next to her said ” well we have a shortage of cars so we aren’t assigning them”. I said ” that is pretty poor customer service when you know when Blue Chip members are arriving and expect a certain procedure that is promised to them (pointing to the huge poster 5 feet away detailing the advantages of BlueChip membership).  “.  To his credit he decided that arguing with me wasn’t the best way to continue this conversation so he picked up the pile of reservations and found mine ( which is EXACTLY WHAT he should have done 10 minutes ago) and said ” here is your reservation(it was ready as it was supposed to be), pick any car in aisle F”.  I said ” Thank you, that is ALL I wanted..”

Mr Chick who has been sitting in the corner waiting ( since he can’t stand for long periods of time after his back surgery) and I grab our things and find aisle F…we see a vast supply of empty parking spaces..and one single car.  ” Well, I guess that makes OUR choice easy”  we get a choice of one car.  Fine, whatever, as long as it runs I just don’t care.  The inside door handle nearly came off in my hand as I closed the door and it had nearly 60k miles on it ( more than my own car at home) but we had a car.

Upon leaving we were asked if we needed a “toll Pass”. we asked what it was for and the guy said ” its for the toll highway, 13 bucks a day. ”  We said we are only going to use the toll twice so we will pay as we go.  What he failed to mention was that you cannot pay as you go, something that may have been nice to mention to a newbie. Ultimately we ended up paying 60 bucks to drive 34 miles on a toll road in Denver because the rental car charges you a toll pass for every day of your rental + fees+taxes.  What a rip off. You cannot purchase a toll pass for just the days you plan on driving the toll road.  Therefore the lesson learned?  Don’t take the toll road and just suck it up and drive with the rest of the masses. Had we not paid the toll pass there was some kind of penalty that the city assess after the fact since we were “stealing the highway”.

Lovely.  Next:  on to the hotel.


Vacation nightmare: Part 1: a mile high family reunion

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Ever have a weekend where you keep looking for Allen Funt to jump out and say ” Smile!, you are on candid camera!” ? ( if you have no idea who Allen Funt is, google him).  This last weekend was such a weekend.  In fact, one might say that murphy’s law ruled all weekend..” if it can go wrong, it will”.

Usually Pharmacy Chick doesn’t name names but today she is.  Booking under Kayak  Tagline:( You’ll only THINK you are getting a cheap ticket) I booked 2 tix to Denver using Frontier (” we know you’ll hate us before you land”) Airlines.  Thinking I had scored a deal, I had to go to the Frontier website to complete the reservation (read: take MORE of your money to get your ticket).  I discovered that you get to pay more money to 1) have a carryon 2) pick a seat, and 3) even more money if you want a good seat ( read: something other than the back row)  I finally chose all my ” options” as if getting a seat is an option… and go to pay.  ” TENDER DECLINED”  invalid expiration date.  The screen said ” may 2016…my card said may 2016.. WTF?  I tried it again..same thing.  Beyond pissed I called Frontier and was on hold nearly an hour. I explain my situation and they say ” you submitted may 2015.”  NO, I DIDNT.  YOUR WEBSITE CHANGED THE DATE.  They manually processed it and it went thru. This was in March.

The day of check in , I needed to pay for a bag.  WE hadn’t planned on taking a checked bag but we ended up needing one.  4 months later I had forgotten about the payment nightmare until I attempted to pay for the bag. TENDER DECLINED:  I was seething by now.  Another 45 minute hold time brought me to a sorry representative who had to deal with me.  He told me the same line of crap that had happened in March. I told him I am no idiot. I had the right expiration date.  I finally printed my tickets but I was pretty pissed about wasting an hour of my time ” checking in” on line. Murphy’s law fully in force by now.

We get to the airport and had chosen premium seating but we discovered that it was a bulkhead seating which might have been fine but for the fact that the flight attendant took the one little carryon I had and put it 4 rows back. ” You can’t have it during take off “.  45 minutes after take off  we still haven’t been able to move from our seats because Mr Pilot ( I’m the boss and don’t you forget it) has apparently forgotten to take off the seatbelt sign.  The flight was as smooth as it was on the ground so there was no reason to be glued to our seats.

Nearly half way thru the flight he remembers to turn off the seatbelt sign. The passengers bolt like they have been sitting on a hot stove. Most need to pee.  I let several people go ahead before I get up and the flight attendant blocked me and said ” The flight crew needs to use the rest room” so I sat back down and she blocked the aisle with the beverage cart ( which by the way nothing but water is free) more “options” to purchase… The crew comes out, drinks coffee, yaks with the attendant, piddles around and nearly half hour later finally both have peed and I get to finally use the room.  One potty later I feel reasonably good.  Mr Chick had to pay $ 5.99 to use the little micro tv in front of him that kept losing connection. ” no refund due to connectivity issues”.  Golf was on TV so it made the remainder of the flight less boring as there was no in-flight snacks free, no in-flight magazine or SKY-MALL to read.   I at least had my kindle. Mr chick could have read the instructions on the barf bag I suppose…haha

Near the flight’s end, we were told to go to baggage claim 6.  Fast forward to baggage claim 6.  Hmm. we sure have been here a long time…It had been changed to baggage claim 4…and had been there a while. I sure was glad to finally see the bag.

Next time:  time to get our car….maybe.

Dump Glumetza and hang their reps.

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Got anybody on Glumetza?   Have you checked their price lately?  Ya might want to consider that.  I just had my patient refill his Glumetza and it seemed awfully strange that the price basis for his claim went from 715.00 ( already stupidly expensive for metformin) to a whopping 4200.00!   Yes Four Thousand dollars for a one month supply of glumetza.  I checked the cost in our wholesaler and sure enough the bottle was $6333.00. His insurance rejected the claim as cost exceeds maximum and declined to override it.

enough already. Whose idea on a conference room table brought that to fruition?

Check your records.  Call your patients. and hang Glumetza out to dry.


Uncommon Sense

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Common sense isn’t so common anymore.  I think its pretty true that we can all cite examples of where something so bloody obvious to one is oblivious to another.  Silly me, but I would think that putting a firework MORTAR on my head and lighting it would be pretty stupid but not one but TWO people killed themselves on July 4 2015 by doing just that…TWO people.. really. I guess they tie for 2015 Darwin award.

Even more mundane is the lack of common sense in our daily lives.  At home, at work, wherever. I have this guy, nice guy really, but has no sense what so ever about prioritizing what is important to be done.  He calls me 24 hours before departing for a trip to Europe to fill a half dozen scripts and half of them need to be either ordered or get authorization from the physician.  I did the ones I could and told him he was S.O.L. on the rest unless he could magically make drugs appear. And, this isn’t isolated.  Happens almost weekly during the year.

My tech,  great guy normally but a little sketchy when it comes to remembering to scan his badge before coming to work, leaving work and going to lunch.  Bear in mind..this is how you get paid…” Sam,  you want  a paycheck right?..yes yes of course I do… in order to get a pay check you need to tell the company that you are ONSITE…and you do that by scanning your badge.If you don’t scan your badge, you don’t earn money. Simple as that. And if you ask for the company to correct a mistake from last week by fixing it THIS week, they take it from THIS weeks labor money and you get fewer hours anyway..because we cannot afford you this week because they are fixing last week. really? Yes Really.SCAN YOUR BADGE.  He still forgets.

My other tech, is a bit dingy when she gets busy.  She doesn’t tend to think things thru very much.  Say Joe Smith comes to the counter.  He says he is here to get his prescription.  She finds a script, scans in into the signature log and just the one comes up. ” There are supposed to be 2 he says”.  So what does she do?  keeps looking on the shelf for more and more scripts when the script list for signature has ONLY ONE.  There are no more to be found and looking thru the baskets and the shelves are a waste of her, mine and the customer time. Ive told her a dozen times: the script list is 100% accurate.  if there is ONE on the list, there are no more DONE.  Look elsewhere!!  Look in the Dr Call pod…Look in the Dr OK pod Look anywhere but in the FILLED SCRIPTS  pod.She knows this but she keeps doing it.  Even if I ask: What is he looking for or what is he missing??  She won’t know because she didn’t ask. Its like grocery shopping for somebody else without a list…how do you know what to look for??

A patient is on auto fill, and he fails to pick up his prescription and we put it back…time and time again. He is habitually non compliant in a system where compliance dictates when the script is filled. We tell him “when you fail to pick up a prescription and we return it to stock the autofill is cancelled “. So why does he do?  Wanders up to the counter over and over asking why it isn’t filled and gets crabby about it. I hate auto fill and wish it was banned.

A friend of mine when to a outside event with me.  We received the “Do and Do Not Bring” list on the tickets.  I read it carefully.  The do not list included backpacks, purses over a certain size, etc etc.  The Do list included certain kinds of transparent packaging.  At the car, I said  ” Not so sure about that bag, Dude… it doesn’t meet the criteria…” And sure enough it was prohibited.  That was a 30 minute return bus ride to parking to put the pack away..and a 30 minute bus ride back to the venue.

What has happened to us?  Have we become the Movie Idiocracy?  Which by the way was 2 hours of my life I’d want back if I could, but frankly, I see us becoming exactly like the people in the movie.  We are swayed by public opinion and never stand on our own morals. We get suckered in by Facebook and twitter ( any resemblance to twits??) into believing that truth is whatever the majority accepts to BE truth.

The shooting in that black Church a few weeks ago has exploded into a debate over the confederate flag.  What has that to do with anything? He posed with the flag..Well he was also wearing a gold’s gym T shirt.. Shall we ban them too?? Its only 1 of a bunch of pictures we have of the kid on the web…We have forgotten the lives lost already and are all freaked out over an old flag.   Recently a Walmart wouldn’t do a cake with a confederate flag on it but Would do one with in Isis flag…if you think its a joke, its all real: ask Chuck Netzhammer and see his picture of him with his ISIS flag cake, courtesy of Walmart.  Its all over the internet.

You can look at porn on a million sites on the internet all over the world, at home, in hotels, on your phone, but put a confederate flag on a cake?  NO WAY!!   We’d rather perpetuate terror in our cakes.

And speaking of ISIS,  common sense would say:  watch out, they are working their way to our homes too.  Just saying….watch your back.

Wake up people.  Engage your brains.  keep what is important at the forefront and by all means invest in Uncommon sense…because apparently common sense is out of stock!


Lets tell Steven how much we appreciate him!

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Below is a comment I received on a post I wrote almost 5 years ago.  I wonder how these old posts keep being found and commented on but this one is a beaut on ” Three Days Supply”  Its so well written and thoughtful  this kind of drivel is pretty  much the reason I quit writing blog posts on a daily basis. This drivel came into my comments pile today.  His email address is or  Show Steven how grateful we are that he is our patient…

wow, you really do pride yourself on using provisions don’t you? Who gives a shit that you wake up on time, or have to have a coke everyday. That right there further proves that you are just as ridiculous as the “insulent deprived” individuals. I’m guessing that because you became a pharmacy technician, that you somehow think that means your a doctor. News flash, it does not mean that even in the slightest. You have furthered your career as the medicine man, the he/she that is suppose to be able to accurately know what is best for everyone who passes through your pharmacy. Lemme ask you this if if may, do you own this pharmacy? Are you magically entitled your own opinion that far exceeds everyone else’s? The bitchy whining post or blog you wrote above has plenty of shit wrong with it. Take for example how you talk about wanted the 3 day rule changed. Why? Your life is just so difficult behind a counter in your fake doctor jacket, that it’s impossible for you to feel a shred of sadness for these people. People that are sick need there medicine period. It’s not up to you to decide if they are or are not going to die from you not giving it to them. I can see your issue with a controlled substance to a degree, but non controlled? What is the point. Most of the shit is non abusable, and reAlly isn’t your business nor your concern. I guess if it were you on the other side of that counter, your provisions would have you covered right? So what if you didn’t have the money to pay for it yet, and you would in 3 days? Are you such a skeptic that it’s impossible to believe that excuse. You my friend need serious psychological help, but for that you would have to deal with some bitch/dick pharmacist giving you the run around. Shame on everyone agreeing with this evil small minded person. Next patient that dies, remember that their blood is on your hands, and that shit won’t ever wash off. I would love to see you on person so I can tell you what a fake ass person you really are. I have so much more to say, but I’m going to bite my tongue on the rest. Before I go I would like to drop the last few sentences for you. YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR, NOR WILL YOU EVER BE. WHAT A PATIENT IS PERCEIVED IS NOT UP TO YOU, AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT HOLDING OUT ON PEOPLE. IF YOU DON’T OWN THE PHARMACY OR THE STORE THAT IT IS IN, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FILL IN HE PERSCRIPTIONS. YOU ARE NOT GOD, THERFORE YOU DO NOT CALL THE SHOTS. ANOTHER THINK QUICKLY THAT POSES ME OFF, CLEAN NEEDLES. A JUNKIE ENTERS YOU PHARMACY, EXSCUSE ME SOMEONE ELES PAHRMACY THAT YOU WORK AT. THEY WANT CLEAN OUR NEW NEEDLES. WHY DONT YOU HAND THEM OVER SINCE THERE IS NO LAW AGAINST IT. INSTEAD YOU LET JUNKIES SPREAD DESEICES LIKE AIDS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. NICE!! just because you are annoyed with the career path you chose, does not give you the right to make an opinion against everyone who comes to get their medicine. People are broke, and a lot of times that prior authorization shut is not the patients fault, the fault is the doctor not doing their job or the insurance not doing their job. Don’t add to the problem, and not do your job too. For fucks sake, fill the scripts, and hand them over.

No more Bruce…PLEASE!

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Am I the only one that feels that enough is enough  seeing/reading/hearing about Bruce Jenner and his decision to become a woman?  It is bad enough when his brood ( or his ex wife’s brood) graced the cover of every screen and Facebook share I seem to look at on the internet, now its his not so attractive face as either a man OR a woman.

What took the cake however was some writer described this transformation as “Brave” and “Courageous”.  Sorry, but I think we throw those terms around waaaay too flippantly if we are doing to use them to describe Bruce Jenner.  To me, he is neither brave nor courageous. He’s just a dude who wants to be a dame. To that end, I don’t care what he does with his body or his life, so no comments about  transgeners. This is not a discussion about THAT.

If I look back on my life, its rather ordinary.  Brave and courageous are words for the extraordinary, and if I look over the events of said life, I can’t think of much in my life that can be described as either brave or courageous.   Those words should be reserved for events that happen in people’s lives that really require bravery and courage.    Both words have pretty similar meaning in the dictionary.  Courage enables one to be Brave and face dangers and difficulties.  When I looked them up they seemed to be very intertwined, but they both had something in common.  Both related to extreme difficulties or circumstances, trials or pain.  I haven’t donated a body part to a needy person, I haven’t saved a life imminent to die if I didn’t intervene, and near as I can tell I haven’t exhibited great bravery in some dire situation unless you count feeding my dogs every day,  one of which thinks he must be about do die if I don’t immediately produce food based on the drama I listen to every am.

Wanna hear about bravery and courage?  How about Chesley Sullenberger who landed a plane on the Hudson River and saved a plane full of people?

How about any of our military personnel who risk their very live every day in some sandy remote version of hell getting shot up, blown up, and where surviving is the plan for the day?

I think there were a lot of brave and courageous individuals whose stories were told ( and many weren’t) on 9-11.

Police officers, firemen, rescue personnel, military personnel, and maybe just average joes facing an highly unusual circumstance….THAT is bravery and courage.  We occasionally hear about them…somebody pulling somebody from a burning building or car before it explodes…or somebody jumping into a river to help somebody who might otherwise drown.

Growing boobies via hormones and having plastic surgery is neither brave or courageous.

Its just a lifestyle decision by a man of some means in front of a lot of cameras.

Leave it at that and save the bravery and courageousness for those who really earn it.



Memorial Day wishes

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PC wishes you a safe and blessed Memorial day this year.  She also wants to share a few words, probably not all of them politically correct…as she isn’t known for being that all the time.

Memorial day was mostly a day of picnics and parties for me.  A few years ago, the reality of what this day stands for was driven home when my very best friend’s brother was blown up in Afghanistan.  A lifelong military man, he was NATO advisor and his convoy was blown up by terrorists.  Lives were changed that day as are the lives of everybody who has lost a loved one in this mess over in the Middle East.  When someone doesn’t come home from serving in the military, empty hearts remain. Whether you agree with “policy” in middle east is not relevant.  A death is a death to a family member.

If you were born an American, think for a few minutes about the costs and responsibilities associated with being one.  We aren’t perfect but we live in one of the greatest countries in the world.  You can aspire to be whatever you want and if you try hard enough you have a good chance of being just that.  Of course,  you can aspire to be the worlds biggest free loader and because you were born here, our government helps you achieve that too. A sickening reality but a true one.

Generally however we aspire to earn a living, raise our families, and love life.

If you were NOT born here, and you have CHOSEN to live here, then you should also think a few minutes about the costs and responsibilities YOU have with living here.  A lot of lives were lost so you can enjoy living here too. You have the responsibility to earn a living and support yourself.  You owe it to this nation to respect our flag and our customs if you choose to call USA home now. You do not have the right to trash this country that you have CHOSEN to live in.  So, if you don’t like the US, don’t agree with our basic philosophy, think that you shouldn’t integrate, learn the language we do business in, or desire to damage our buildings and kill our citizens, you may leave and I’d be happy to pack your bags and drive you to the nearest airport.

Most of us fall in the former group. We do our best to better our lives and the lives of the next generation.  But don’t kid yourselves.  Our generous policies have allowed people who hate us to live here. They use the very system of freedoms we possess to HIDE and PLOT.

So, have a safe holiday.  Think about  blessings we have living here and lets hope and pray that we can quit having people to memorialize because of  war and hatred among nations.


A Christian Conundrum??

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Christianity and Homosexuality has been in the news a lot. Especially as it relates to doing business with gay people..florists, cake makers, pizza makers etc. Until recently one of my employees was gay. No, he still IS Gay, he just doesn’t work for me anymore. Techs come and go quite often in our business. I miss him a lot…he was a good tech and all of my customers loved him.

I was at the golf course one day and someone who knows that I am a believer started to ask me about this whole issue. They asked, If you were asked to do a gay wedding would you?  My first response was ” What would a pharmacist do at a gay wedding?  serve drugs?  probably highly illegal and we’d all be arrested..and being a Christian would be the LEAST of my issues”.   After the laughs died down we got down to the meat of the question.  If I was in a business and a gay customer wanted to do business with me, would I do it, even if it “conflicted” with my faith.  I guess that important question is is doing business with gay people conflicting with my faith.  Personally, I say no.

Lets put it this way.  I sell flowers..That is my business for the sake of discussion. Selling flowers to people who walk in all day, making pretty arrangements for any person who walks in the door.  I don’t know or care WHAT they are buying the flowers for and if they are buying an arrangement for their spouse of any gender why should I care?  They can EAT the flowers for all I care.  Who buys my services isn’t compromising my faith.  Just because gay people want flowers at a wedding doesn’t mean that I endorse it. All it means is that they like my flowers.   Do I have an opinion on Gay Weddings?  yes, but personal opinion and politics doesn’t play in the workplace for me.  Ya hang out a shingle and people come in and exchange a product/service or both for cash.  Cash is a neutral entity.  If a person wants to refuse to do a gay wedding then in theory they should be asking every customer WHAT they are going to do with the flowers and if the florist finds it abhorrent then he/she should refuse to sell.  I mean, if someone is gonna buy flowers to decorate the home of a gay couple then how is that different than a wedding?  Ok, I am extrapolating but you get the point.

The Cake maker who took issue with the gay couple certainly didn’t need to offend them.  If they didn’t want to start a war the simplest solution would be  ” I don’t have single sex couples for cake toppers”  and then put a couple of bells or flowers on the top and just be nice about it.  I just don’t see how doing business with a certain KIND of people makes such a heated issue.

I suppose there used to be a day when things were different.  I remember as a child nearly every business you walked into had a sign by the front door that said ” we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”  it was usually right under the one that said ‘ no shirt no shoes, no service’.  Im not sure when that changed but it did.

I am not sure that suing people is the answer either.  Businesses can dig their own graves pretty easily by getting popular NEGATIVE opinion.  Today news flies around the world and the internet awfully fast.  “VIRAL” used to be a medical term but now it refers to how a news item passes thru hands.  If a business wants to refuse to do business with a  certain group of people then fine.  I don’t care either.  The law apparently does, but my take on it is this:  if you refuse cash, you are digging your own grave.  If you piss people off they go on their Facebook pages , Yelp, etc and tell people what happens and pretty soon cash becomes even more scarce. If the cash flow stops, you are done.  The Internet is a powerful entity.

I think I can worship my God, serve Him as I am supposed to, and work out my faith, and still do business, if I keep this one thing in perspective.  The first command He gave us was Love one another as He has loved us first.  He is the judge, and His commands were not to judge, but love.   Your sins are your sins and my sins are my sins.  I am not worrying about the sins of others when I have a bucket load of sins of my own to deal with.

The end!

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