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A Christian Conundrum??

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Christianity and Homosexuality has been in the news a lot. Especially as it relates to doing business with gay people..florists, cake makers, pizza makers etc. Until recently one of my employees was gay. No, he still IS Gay, he just doesn’t work for me anymore. Techs come and go quite often in our business. I miss him a lot…he was a good tech and all of my customers loved him.

I was at the golf course one day and someone who knows that I am a believer started to ask me about this whole issue. They asked, If you were asked to do a gay wedding would you?  My first response was ” What would a pharmacist do at a gay wedding?  serve drugs?  probably highly illegal and we’d all be arrested..and being a Christian would be the LEAST of my issues”.   After the laughs died down we got down to the meat of the question.  If I was in a business and a gay customer wanted to do business with me, would I do it, even if it “conflicted” with my faith.  I guess that important question is is doing business with gay people conflicting with my faith.  Personally, I say no.

Lets put it this way.  I sell flowers..That is my business for the sake of discussion. Selling flowers to people who walk in all day, making pretty arrangements for any person who walks in the door.  I don’t know or care WHAT they are buying the flowers for and if they are buying an arrangement for their spouse of any gender why should I care?  They can EAT the flowers for all I care.  Who buys my services isn’t compromising my faith.  Just because gay people want flowers at a wedding doesn’t mean that I endorse it. All it means is that they like my flowers.   Do I have an opinion on Gay Weddings?  yes, but personal opinion and politics doesn’t play in the workplace for me.  Ya hang out a shingle and people come in and exchange a product/service or both for cash.  Cash is a neutral entity.  If a person wants to refuse to do a gay wedding then in theory they should be asking every customer WHAT they are going to do with the flowers and if the florist finds it abhorrent then he/she should refuse to sell.  I mean, if someone is gonna buy flowers to decorate the home of a gay couple then how is that different than a wedding?  Ok, I am extrapolating but you get the point.

The Cake maker who took issue with the gay couple certainly didn’t need to offend them.  If they didn’t want to start a war the simplest solution would be  ” I don’t have single sex couples for cake toppers”  and then put a couple of bells or flowers on the top and just be nice about it.  I just don’t see how doing business with a certain KIND of people makes such a heated issue.

I suppose there used to be a day when things were different.  I remember as a child nearly every business you walked into had a sign by the front door that said ” we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”  it was usually right under the one that said ‘ no shirt no shoes, no service’.  Im not sure when that changed but it did.

I am not sure that suing people is the answer either.  Businesses can dig their own graves pretty easily by getting popular NEGATIVE opinion.  Today news flies around the world and the internet awfully fast.  “VIRAL” used to be a medical term but now it refers to how a news item passes thru hands.  If a business wants to refuse to do business with a  certain group of people then fine.  I don’t care either.  The law apparently does, but my take on it is this:  if you refuse cash, you are digging your own grave.  If you piss people off they go on their Facebook pages , Yelp, etc and tell people what happens and pretty soon cash becomes even more scarce. If the cash flow stops, you are done.  The Internet is a powerful entity.

I think I can worship my God, serve Him as I am supposed to, and work out my faith, and still do business, if I keep this one thing in perspective.  The first command He gave us was Love one another as He has loved us first.  He is the judge, and His commands were not to judge, but love.   Your sins are your sins and my sins are my sins.  I am not worrying about the sins of others when I have a bucket load of sins of my own to deal with.

The end!

Fast food menu pharmacy.. all for fun and laughs

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If you have spend anytime on Facebook you may have seen the ” This is a pharmacy not a fast food restaurant”  page.  Filled with reader submissions of stories and copies of ridiculous e-scripts error, etc its rather amusing to read and even more so, follow the comments by the readers.

Pondering its name I decided to create an imaginary pharmacy:  The PPP  Phast Phood Pharmacy.  This pharmacy is all menu driven.   This is how it works:

When you walk in , you will see a menu board in front of you, not much unlike the board you see at McDonalds.  What we offer…..and its $price.  All up front and laid before you so there is no surprises or questions.  Its a novel concept, drastically different than the business model we have now. Here are some of the offerings:

1.  The rush job………..$25.oo  For an ADDITIONAL $25.00 you will receive the front of the line.  For this treatment however you must explain to every person you are leapfrogging over why your prescription is more important than theirs. IF they agree, then the fee will apply and you get first in line.  If any ONE disagrees then you shall be placed in the order you came in and no fee shall apply.

2.  the NOW Price quote……$ 10.00.  For the additional fee you receive an immediate processing ( not filling) to know your copay at that moment.  This is nonrefundable.  If you request an immediate price quote, you will be charged this fee AND your copay when you pick up.  If you ask for a price quote in the normal amount of time no fee applies.

3.  The  multi insurance REBILL……$ 5.00 for each rebill.  This is specifically for the multi insured whose goal is to never pay a single cent over the lowest copay of the insurances ( plural) they have.  ” I have Consolidated Mega for my primary and Massive of Omaha as my secondary ..which is cheaper?  Step right up.

4.  The return to stock and refill fee.  $10.00.  For every script that we filled at your request, that you didn’t pick up and then we subsequently returned to stock…THEN you decide to fill,  this fee will be added due to the extra work involved in the entire process

5.  Late Fee:  Want us to wait after hours so you can pick up your RX?  $ 50.oo and 1 dollar per minute over 10 after closing.  The pharmacist personally keeps this fee.

6. Early Fee:  Knock on the cage and want me to ring up your prescription before we open $ 25.00

7. Call the doctor fee $ 10.00 plus $1.00 for every minute on hold .  If you ask us to call the doctor because you forgot your rx, you are late, you need a rush job, you want it changed or cheaper, or for any reason that WE don’t need to initiate a call, this fee applies,  if WE initiate a call for your safety no fee applies.

8. “fill em all” fee:  For every prescription that we fill and return because you didn’t “need THAT one” $5.00

I think a menu driven pharmacy may work.  There would be no surprises and a patient would have the opportunity to know ahead of time what he might be expected to pay for certain services above the normal filling process.

Your turn…what would you as my readers like to see on the Menu Board?

Hating on the competition

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Pharmacy chick has been doing double duty lately.  As much as I hate to over work , I took on responsibilities at another store who has been short staffed.  I could probably write an epistle on what life is like at a store in disarray but it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.  Today I ventured back to my own little chunk of hell  heaven, and got down to the business of seeing what has been going on since I left over a week ago.

As I was pondering a weeks worth of email, mail, texts, post-it notes and ” oh God I am glad YOU are backs”,  a gentleman wandered up to the counter.  He was late 50-early 60s ish and by all appearances hunting for bear.  ” Ya work here?” he said.  ” Occasionally” I said leaving out any comments about why would I be in a pharmacy , in uniform, name tag, etc  if I WASNT working.  “What can I do for you today?” He had a pile of bottles from Big Box.  ” I wanna see if you can fill these..” and immediately started hating on the store they came from, destroying their credibility as human beings, how awful they are, detailing all the awful things they had done to him, never done when he wanted them… etc etc etc..

I dont hate on my competitors. I let my own service do the talking.  I am also a supreme believer in free enterprise.  You are free to shop, eat, buy, at any place you choose and I am not going to hold it against you or accept your decision to leave as a threat if you decide  to do so.  Conversely, I am not going to love you more because you have decided to deride the competition in my presence and you aren’t flattering me by trashing my competition.

I actually know all 3 pharmacists at big box because they have been working across the street from me for 15 years.  They are all good people and I don’t hate them, and they don’t hate me.  They recently had a computer upgrade that went horribly wrong and a remodel that didn’t create a very streamlined work space.  Couple that double play with the fact that patients and patience have NOTHING in common but pronunciation it created a maelstrom of problems for the store.  What it created for me was a business opportunity. We ended up with a ton of THEIR customers who were tired of having to wait days for a script that usually took day( singular).

Back to Mr Hater. I looked at his bottles.  Lots of controls. Lots of ZERO refills. I had an inkling of why he was transferring to us and it wasn’t an image I was looking forward to seeing.    I said, “hey, I know that store has had some problems in recent days–their computers aren’t working so hot but they’ll get it figured out soon enough, but if you want to transfer here, Im happy to do so.  By the looks of all this however not much of what you have here has any refills to transfer so most of them are going to the doctor anyway. That can take up to 3 business days.  …” and before I could get one more word out, he said ” I need them today, thats your job.

Thats where he lost me.  Cut bait, toss the line in the water and let it float away.  Im a pretty good actress so he didn’t know that my concern for his welfare went from high to NIL in one nano second.

” Actually its the DOCTOR’S job to provide you with prescriptions.  I can ask… but I cannot DEMAND, so if you must have them today you will have to contact him directly and ask him to phone us at his earliest convenience.   You as the patient pay his salary, not me as the pharmacy.  The doctor does not answer to me nor is he required to abide by any time frame that I might be inclined to demand.”

He started to posture me  a bit but I wasn’t going to budge.  I picked the two of the bunch that had refills and said, THESE two I can take care of for you today, 2 hours tops if I can get Big Box to answer the phone.

He scooped them up and muttering as he left about wasting his time.

When I left late this afternoon  no calls had been received.  No e-scripts nor faxes had been received for that man. The two promised however were done.

Chances are pretty good that if he hates on Big Box, then one day soon he will be disappointed in something we did or didn’t do and he’ll hate on us too.  The loved becomes the hated all too soon in this business.


Catching up with Pharmacy chick part II

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And back for more!!!

For the first time in recent history, we took a vacation that didn’t involve golf.. we couldn’t for obvious reasons… so…We visited Hawaii.  18 years ago we went to Kauai for a wedding, one week before my mother passed away.  Haven’t been back since…for no other reason than its not the most convenient place to get to and back with a 5-6 hour flight.  We had promised a friend a vacation, and for some reason she chose Hawaii. I guess she decided we have money coming out our wazoo.  *yes I could have said no..*  It was a very fun week doing fun things but I will never travel with somebody else for as long as I live. Too much drama when I am paying for everything.

I chose (with her input) and wanted to focus on some very fun experiences and she wanted to eat…and eat..and eat…she was obsessed with having food with her everywhere.  We weren’t in the jungles..we were in urban Hawaii.  We didn’t  need to be carrying provisions like some sherpa. She just “felt” she needed to eat all day. Whatever.  I wasn’t very sympathetic.

BUT.. we did have some good times amongst the food drama.  I ticked a few items off my bucket list:  I did a zip line for the first time and I also rode in a helicopter.  THAT was a blast.  My only complaint?  too short of time spend doing THOSE things!   We snorkeled and once I got the hang of mouth breathing and got equipment that didn’t LEAK, that was nice too. Ya can’t be a germaphobe and rent snorkel equipment..who knows what or if they clean that stuff with sanitizer…And Praise God for prescription snorkel gear…otherwise I couldn’t have seen the fish.  I wouldn’t want to snorkel all day, but it was fun for the afternoon.

I also learned that being 51 didn’t  mean I had outgrown my propensity for sea sickness.  It wasn’t a Gilligan’s island 2 hour tour thank GOD, but a 45 minute catamaran snorkel tour.   5 minutes of fun before the seasickness set in.  I think I’ll pass on the boat tour next time :-) I would like to thank the individual who stole my towel  FROM my back pack for at least leaving my wallet and my camera behind.. WTF?

But of course, work had to interfere with a flurry of texts that float coverage was spotty.  ” Um, I am 3000 miles away on an island,  How can I help you find a tech?  I sent every tech text number I could find to  my pharmacist, and I think it saved the day.  A manager is a manager is a manager, no matter where she is in the world.

I also learned that Kona Coffee covered Macadamia nuts are as addicting as heroin…and available on Amazon!! :-)

Aloha for now..

moving on to part III


Catching up with Pharmacy Chick part III

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Still reading?  After part I and II, we reach the last part of the catching up.  Apparently i have the bug to write again, even if I don’t care much about grammar and punctuation.  Maybe Ill even write about work on an occasional basis.  Ive been amazed and impressed at the people who have written a bit in appreciation.  As you know I was burned by the flamers and haters and didn’t want to waste my time writing anymore.  On Facebook I follow ” This is a pharmacy not a fast food restaurant” and its the same-0 same-o there just like it is in my own pharmacy.

For pharmacy chick, drug therapy for HERSELF is  few and far between.  I  wrote about my  attempt to manage cholesterol with a statin and ended up feeling like a dementia patient.   But more recently I have finally sought treatment for something else.  If you have had  it, you totally understand, if you don’t have it you wouldn’t understand.  Mr chick doesn’t understand.  Since I was a kid, I have had RLS.  My mother suffered with it, as does all of her siblings.  My brother has it too.  RLS is Restless Leg Syndrome. I used to massage my moms legs at night as they hopped about the couch in my lap.

It is frustrating at the least and maddening at its worst. If you imagine…. having perfectly normal legs during the day that turn into electrified mexican jumping beans at night that you simply cannot control or stop.. then you have some idea of RLS.  You know its coming, and powerless to stop it, no matter what time you go to bed, no matter how you WILL your legs to keep still, they just build energy until POW they jump.  Its nerve shattering to be honest because I was getting lesser and lesser sleep every night. About  1 night out of 10 I might get a night where they didn’t jump.   I tried every non drug modality:  massage, cold packs, exercise, stretching,  magnesium, you name it. I didn’t want to resort to rx drugs because I was afraid that it would only become worse over time and they would quit working, a real problem with this issue since it has similarities to Parkinsons disease.

I finally threw in the towel.  I set my intern on a project:  Find me the most modern and effective and least likely to augment current treatment for RLS. Since she is a brainiac that was an easy project. Mirapex.

It might as well have been a gift from God himself.   I didn’t believe it would work as well as it is.  I am a huge skeptic and when I went to sleep the first night on  mirapex and my legs were just lying in bed silent, I believed it was an anomaly and it would return to normal the next day.  But it didn’t. With the exception of when I had packed and unpacked  my meds ( by accident) and went to Hawaii without the  Mirapex, my legs have been in an amazing state of rest.  Its no CURE,  one night without the drug and they are back to jumping, and getting my rx transferred to Hawaii was an exercise in poor customer service but  thats another story to share later!

Admitting defeat and finally getting a bit of treatment has been lifesaver..or at least a NIGHT-saver!

Catching up with Pharmacy Chick! part I

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My apologies for being even worse at writing than I had even promised.  Its been a crazy few months.

Mr chick continues to recover. Its been an interesting wade thru the healthcare system.  Good thing we are fighters, because FIGHT is what we have been doing.  Ole RPh, wrote a nice comment about my last post and it reigns true.  I DONT want to be a resident in the world of illness.  For the most part I am pretty healthy for a 51 year old chick, but even I have my issues. more on that later… Mr Chick’s surgery was a success as far as the doc is concerned  but because of the 4 month wait to HAVE the procedure he sustained nerve damage and THAT hasn’t really resolved itself. He still has a numb lower leg and when he walks he still says is foot feels like its walking on hot coals.  Today he started acupuncture…. heck, why not? conventional treatments aren’t exactly solving the problem.  He gets the proverbial hall pass to start golfing again in 2 weeks.  He may need one of those skateboard style golf carts to get around tho.  He can’t walk that far.

When the bills started coming in about 3 weeks after the procedure.  We are pretty savvy people and are most familiar with the health care system, pre vs prior authorizations, in and out of network, you know…all the verbiage they think is easy to understand and know.

We did our homework. Yes the hospital the His Holiness works at is network. His Holiness was network,  Her Holiness the anesthesiologist was in network, His slightly-less-than-holy PA was in network.  So when we got a 6000K bill from the surgery center for OUT of network procedure, we were shocked.  We took a bit of creative appealing but we successfully negotiated that the it is RATIONAL to think that if all of the above was IN network, the place he actually cut on Mr Chick should be too even tho it was a surgery center and NOT the actual hospital grounds.  So they reduced the bill by $4900, leaving us a little over $1100 to pay….and when I called to give my CC# over the phone, they gave me a 20% early payment discount.  Yea me.

The bills for His Holiness, his PA and the Anesthesiologist eventually arrived.  So did lab work and a $900 bill for socks.  SOCKS?   yea, those air compression socks and they didn’t even let me take them home.  Of all the things I paid for, the fact I didn’t get those  socks pisses me off the most. Almost $500.00 for EACH sock.  Geez, no wonder people think health care is a ripoff . He has pretty good insurance so I am glad that it wasn’t me that needed surgery because mine sucks despite working for a huge company.  Overall we have paid about $3000 bucks out of pocket for this surgery.  If it helps it will be worth every penny.

Moving on…to part II



Walk walk walk..til you can walk no more!

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I am pleased to say that Mr Chick is on his path to recovery….literally. He had is first post op check up and Doc said  his number one exercise is to walk.  And since I have wanted a walking partner for a while I have one right in my wheelhouse…and a captive one at that!.  Mr Chick had his first day at work on monday after a 10 day lay off.  He came home pretty tired, and while he is still under lifting restrictions he can at least stand all day and do his job.

I still prefer being the provider over the patient, that is for sure, but it gives me a chance to reflect a bit on this week I had being both a provider at work and a caregiver at home.  It was the first time in literally forever that I put nothing on the “plate” so to say on my days off.  We pencilled in nothing for the week that Mr C had at home.  And while I had to work a couple of those days, the other days were completely empty.  NO dinner plans, no shopping lists, no errands , no nothing!.  It was very odd waking up on those days and the only duty we had to accomplish was to walk.

Sure, I kept the house clean, bought groceries, cooked meals, did laundry and stuff like that…that never changes, but there  was a strange calmness  about having a block of time where nothing had been scheduled. It was actually rather relaxing. As a person who tends to map out a day like a military mission, to have nothing on the calendar is strange. Mr C spend a lot of time snoozing, and that is one of his favorite activities, and while he was sleeping I was putzing around the house keeping it clean.

Don’t think for one moment that it stayed clean by itself.  PC may be a neat freak but Mr C isn’t..the guy can leave a trail of debris like a tornado.  Geez.

At least he has his short term memory back.  It was amusing at the time,  because I knew what was going on , but I had a difficult time convincing our friends that he may appear totally lucid he will likely not remember much of the conversation he just had tomorrow. And, sure enough he didn’t. :-)  At least when he would text people he had a written  record of his efforts. which he referred to when he forgot stuff.

I appreciate your kind words in the comments.  Its nice to know some people are still reading this little blog.  I occasionally get these ridiculous thing that happen at work that literally BEGS to be blogged about but as one who is still stinging from the comments of haters ( and still get them on old posts), I think I will just find other things to write about.





Surgery Centers and Lets make a deal Part II

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Mr Chick survived his surgery.  Of course I knew he would, God is good and is in control.  The doc came out ( who I hadn’t noticed until now was built like a brick #$@&house and  appeared to lift logs as a hobby I think) and said it seemed to be successful and they achieved a “nice decompression of the nerve root”.   I was ready to see him and he said soon, but not right now because ” we gotta wake him up”.

Waking him up can be an issue with Mr C.  He is known as an anesthetic lightweight. Once he had some dental work and the doc gave him two pills to take 1 hour before the procedure.  He was wiped for the rest of the day. No memories what so ever.  Even the dentist was amazed at how  he was.  I brought some humor into the situation when I picked him up ( almost literally) and said ” come on honey, lets go to the Jewelry store…”  The dentist said ” Hide your wallet!!”

Ultimately he did awaken after surgery ( sort of) enough for me to come and sit with him.  If you have ever heard the term “chemo brain” you can understand this.  “anesthesia brain” is the same.  He wavered in and out of lucidity, and asked me the same questions over and over. I didn’t care. I just sat there with my kindle in one hand and his hand holding my other one while he snoozed and then asked his same set of questions. Slowly he awoke enough to accomplish two requirements to leave:  Stand up and pee. I never did go back to the waiting room. They had a special exit for the patients, so I never found out if the guy talking to the TV ever came back out and made peace with the contestants on Lets make a Deal.

Unlike the dental work, THIS anesthesia took a lot longer to work out of him than a couple of hours.  He slept most of the first and second day.  But I got him up every hour for a walk, critical for clot prevention and healing.  He trundled across the house back and forth then back to bed. Id hold him in one place over the potty so he could piddle…his balance wasn’t so hot yet.

He can have very intelligent conversations with people..and remember little to none of it 2 hours later. This morning we went for a walk, our first foray outside and we walked to our little park near our house with a beaver dam in it.  we looked at the dam and walked home.  2 hours later we walked to a different part of the same park to look a the other beaver dam.  He said ” I dreamed about a beaver dam I think”. I said ” no honey, You SAW a beaver dam today”  He said ” I did? when?” and I said ” Today, 2 hours ago when we walked”. He looked at me and said ” we did?”  …Yup, we did. This is post surgery 48 hours.  He is managing on very little oxycodone ( 5 tabs in the last 48 hours) so I am pretty sure that anesthetic isn’t totally out of his brain yet.

Its too early to tell how successful the surgery is in treating the numbness. That can takes weeks to go away. I am optimistic and have faith that all will turn out good.

Time to wake him up and take him for another walk.  I need another beaver dam to show him I guess!


Surgery centers–and Lets make a deal! part I

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There was a day many years ago when a person needed a type of surgery, no matter what kind and the experience was more like checking into a medical hotel than a hospital.  One would arrive the night before,  enjoy the evening with a prepared meal, tv, hang around the room and wait for the procedure that would occur the next day.  That day is gone.  I totally get why.  I mean what is the point of having a perfectly healthy person spending the night in a hospital under the tutelage of qualified medical personnel?

The day arrived finally for us to check in for Mr Chicks procedure.  We had been given a list of things to do ahead of time: Fill out this medical survey online ( 30 minutes of agony for Mr C who hates surveys),  sleep on clean sheets, wash body twice with Hibiclens, quit these meds, TAKE these meds,  wear all clean clothes. etc etc.  With the military like precision, we dutifully did all our tasks as to have NO chance of being sent home.

Our arrival time was to be 630 am.  Still dark we arrived just before 630 to find the doors locked, but with a button to hit for the surgery center.  They buzzed us in.  ” Surgery Center”.  That is another concept that has been foreign to me.  The last time I needed surgery ( age 16) I went to a hospital….in an operating room…and spend 3 days there…for a simple knee surgery.  This was going to be a ” day” surgery, something I thought would be reserved for hang nail removal and perhaps toe nail clipping accidents.  No,  they do pretty big stuff as day surgeries now.  Once you are awakened, can pee and fart, out you go. Real operating rooms, real doctors, anesthesiologists, etc!

Ill give them all credit tho, they are as efficient and as professional as any big hospital. If anything, its more personal because there is just a few people there.

They took Mr C away to be prepped and came to get me after about a half hour and I got to see him in his paper dress and blue hair net.  By then he was hooked up to his IV and speaking to the Anesthesiologist…who looked very familiar to me. She sounded just like one of my customers and had the same last name. Turned out to be her sister.  Small world. We told her that Mr C was considered an anesthetic lightweight.   A few minutes later and a shot of versed and Mr C was off in lala land. I left for the wait room with my phone, kindle and a puzzle book.

In one corner of the room was a nice man working on his Mac and on the other side of the room was me with my kindle.  It was so quiet and peaceful with the puffy couches and enough magazines to  keep me busy for hours if I wanted.  About 20 minutes into the wait a couple walked in.  They were obviously of little means, which means nothing in needing health care, but they were heavy smokers and both rather “odd”.  He cared for her deeply as he seemed to like touching her ( and I wondered if I should leave or they should get a room). The problem was the strong odor that came along with them of smoke and alcohol.  If they got the same directions we did about wearing clean clothes and bathing twice in soap, she didn’t do it.  The smoke smell was bothersome to my nose and lungs.  I didn’t want to just get up and move so I pretended to need to use the bathroom and took the key and left.  When I came back I returned the key and looked at the magazines on the OTHER side of the wait room.

Sadly he had found the remote for the one tv in the small space, and was trying to get the TV on. It wasn’t working very well and I was praying ” Thank you god for keeping it off”.  But he finally figured out the remote and ” Lets make a deal ” was filling the room instead of quiet Muzak. Then it got weird when he started talking to the TV and the contestants. He was engrossed in the proceedings on TV, and always seemed to need to move.  Kinda of a twitchy writhey kinds of person. The odor was manageable now that I was about 20 feet away in stead of 5. He wasn’t happy with some of the choices the contestants made and let the TV know.  Thankfully the nurse came out to collect him to go and see his wife/partner. After he left I went over and turned off the TV.  Mr Mac looked at me and said “Oh, THANK YOU!”. I just said ” I work in noise all day every day, its nice to have some quiet”.

I quietly waited for the dr.’s return.



The Patient Patient III A date in stone

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Becoming a patient when we are used to being providers has been quite the experience.  When a prescription that had been promised never arrived at the pharmacy of choice ( mine), we waited a couple of days then checked with the office.  ” no chart notes indicated that a script was supposed to be called in” she said. ” But I’lll check on it…”  Later that day the RX in question eventually arrived at its intended destination.

But…that got me to thinking.  If no chart notes were ever dictated about the rx, were there any chart notes bringing us to a surgery date?? That he was a candidate??  Should I call?

Yup, I should call. So I rang up his assistant and explained the reason for my call. She was very understanding and said she would look into it.  Now I have no idea what happened behind the scenes.  It could very well have been all in the works or it could have been completely forgotten, Ill never know.  What I do know is that 2 days later she called me up and we chose a surgery date.

Jan 22.  So, if you are a follower of my little blog, say a prayer that day that all goes well :-) and that I can start blogging on perhaps more fun topics!

I’m sure that much fun will be written about whatever happens in the paper dress on the 22nd.  Mr Chick is quite the lightweight on anesthesia.  He can be very entertaining whilst on these drugs! Remind me to share about his adventures on Halcion  when he got his crown last year!


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